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A matter of trust

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images It’s the keyword by excellence. It’s the point from which all of a team’s services to reply to the requests of a client stream from so as to gain a good online reputation, presence and fame in the Cyber World.

A lot of businesses know their goals but don’t know what they need to achieve it. And when faced with a torrent of unknown words, they neeed to deposit their trust in pros which escort them across a months-long protecess and which usually demands internal changes, new thinking forms and a good dose of patience to check how internal habits develop across a lifetime are useless when faced consumers which both influence and consume and generate content and opinion which can have more force and influences more than the most powerful advertising campaign.

Integral projects

Building a coherent online reputation or repair that which isn’t, it demands a patient and exhaustive investigation job to begin with of why the problems can come from several different spots. All generally begins with static sites, old-fashioned, badly built and which, som times, not even their owners know where they’re being hosted at or who’s in charge of their management. That’s the basis: rebuild that which doesn’t work and, from there, patiently built all which is necessary.

You’ll often need to start from the bottom but it can’t be helped. The reputation is formed joining all pieces in a jigsaw. The image won’t be completed if one’s missing.

Why SEO demands a well-made site and with an effective structure, link-building is impossible without attractive contents, and crisis management can’t be handled without some previous thinking and a protocol which everyone can understand. That’s why we talk about integral projects, why reputation includes the Web, the SEO, the contents, social media and a lot of extra factors.

Only when we tackle them by separate and as a unitary element at the same time we achieve success.

Goals, terms & analysis

It can seem ridiculous. It’s rather obvious but not everyone knows their goals. Just doing things doesn’t lead anywhere. Before starting it’s necessary to know, lock on and detail. What exactly is your goal and in how much time. In most of the times, clients ask impossible things given the term they set for thsi goal. It’s vital to realize it’s a slow process. A grave crisis case is something else and needs an almost immediate speed of reply.

And, obviously, analysis, metrics, analytics and monitoring of comments in social networks. All these processes, very technical and specialized, allow a company to figure out if they can fix their problems, if they reach their goals and, also, even if it’s not very exacts but very accurate, which is the perception which market and their consumers have about an idea, a project through what they comment.

Contents: the pending matter

Creating quality contents is very important to acheive backlinks, comments in blogs, forums and traditional communication methods and mentions in social networks. The absence of those contents or of an efficient strategy to create or share them can limit the efficacy of the SEO on page actions.

Most businesses and pros stumble upon trouble when it comes to creatign these contents which have replaced the keywords when it comes to the preferences in the search engines. They can’t create interesting contents and, in most of the cases, can’t even find their strong points to turn them into info and gain relevance for their site and social channels.

Introducing the corporate blog concept is an important element to build an online reputation. Customizing info makes it more dynamic and humanizes it. Clients feel closer if they’re being talked in a direct manner and that increases fidelity of a brand and project.

Despite it, however, it’s a pending matter.

Network management

The public projection in networks becomes in the most visible aspect of a business, a client’s entry spot and is also the first contact of a consumer with a product and a business. Depending on how that entry point is set up like, the first and, sometimes definitive, impression can be very good or bad.

Once the social channels in which the client decides to improve their online reputation had been defined it’s necessary a following period until they can handle them. Community Management’s work has to be strictly internal, in the hands of well-formed staff and placed in a transversal manner in contact with various departments.

The process lasts approximately one year and during that period the assesment which begins with the election, creation and activation of channels becomes a strategy assesment while the client handles their channels and messages.

A successful suggestion in this sense means that you must make it clear for the client which are the terms in which they will manage to gain control of their communition in social media and the most appropiate form of achieving effective results.

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