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Battle of Browsers

I never thought I’d write this, but I’ve now realized that things were WAY easier when we lived in the Internet Explorer age. Someone might think I’ve gone mad in the latest years because there’s such a browser variety, faster and more powerful which allow us to navitage the Cyber World with efficacy, security and multiple extensions which make our life easier.

Up until here all’s normal. But has someeone thought about the technicians and developers which build very cool sites and which can’t be seen… even by their clients?

It’s a topic we often collide against all of those who cooperate with businesses, be them big or small, in website renewal, in working the online reputation, and, obviously, the positioning in search engines and the optimization of the buying and conversion processes.

I never understood why so many companies are THAT afraid of getting their corporate software up-to-date and one of the most curious cases is that of browsers. Seeing how they’re a part of daily work, they use and fiercely preserve almost outdated versions with security gaps on them. They essentially are symptoms of a certain behavior.

A necessary change of culture


And not much can be done by the time being. Even if that’s one of the main challenges which must be fought against because businesses’ corporate culture have a lot of taboos to shed and gettign their systems up-to-date is one of them. And I don’t mean strock control, billing or accounting programs.

That’s another tale. We’re talking about something so simple like access to social networking, installing an FTP client to transfer files and update browsers which demonstrate the work gone into modernizing a site.

We should highlight the itching or doubts which the suggerence to install any program to monitor network causes: they’re seen as internal spies when their function is the contrary. Like they said in the X Files: “truth’s out there”. And instead of taking that into account the behavior in most offices is to close themselves in despite the consequences: loss of efficency and productivity.

This gives birth to ridiculous moments like these: show to the client some edits to a site which the project responsible must see and approve… from home!! Why? Because the office PC has outdated software which doesn’t recognize most video formats or because none of their email accounts in the department has enough capacity to receive big-sized files.

You own devices: a soluction?

Systems like We Transfer have partially fixed the problem but not totally. The BYOD ((Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon has begun to spread in the States and will eventually be exported overseas.

Most enterprises realize that, given the total panic system managers have, the employees are more productive and efficient if they can work with their own PCs, with updated software and which allows them to access, through some security protocols, to the company’s internal Network. This phenomenon will be exported but it’ll take some time.

That’s why, before planning some actions for a site, specific management programs or installing any CMS, 1st thing we gotta ask is which Explorer version the client has on their office. You don’t wanna know their answers when you mention Chrome or Firefox.

Once we know that then we can start working. Updating a site will be hard if we don’t guarantee that even an old-fashioned PC belonging to the client can see the site. It’s no use or hard to explain that behavior to others if they think it’s the right thing to do.

Tablets can help a bit. When faced with a complain, you can always ask a client to pick their iPad and check what their usual PC can’t see. And just to be safe, you must equal at some point by eliminating powerful ideas which could have some better positioning.

It’s well-know that you can’t do a good SEO job if you don’t have a starting point. Come to these ends, we gotta say “mea culpa”.

Welcome to reality


Sometimes technicians, consultors, programmers and other freaks which help businesses survive in the Cyber World don’t realize people’s real status.

We start with the basis (because any other thought seems ridiculous) that everyone’s got the latest version of their OS, a totally updated browser, they’ve got fiber optics in the building (networks’ speed seems to be another drama sans healing) and which works from a galatic iMac using a 24″ screen.

That’s very far from reality. Reality says otherwise and there are many lacking spots: technical and cultural. That’s where our job gets challenging. The challenge is solve (little by little) those lacks and offer solutions.

Number one challenge is to realize the client’s POV, know what they have and they don’t have.

And, using that info, cooperate and help. It’s not easy and we can achieve it in most cases. But when it comes to browsers it’s maddening enough to drive you to exasperation.

Autor: mauro flores

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