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Best #BrightonSEO tools

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To begin with, BrightonSEO is an event which you can’t miss given the quality of the conferences which you witness. They’re always very throughout and they have good slides from which we can learn a lot to use in the daily SEO. But what I like the most of this type of events is seeing which tools are being used by the Top SEOs which can speed up our work and be able to discover new things.

We’ve been writing them down in the Wunderlist and we’ll show them to you so that you can interact with them.

Image Raider

image raider

It’s very frustrating that, when we prepare a link baiting strategy using infographies or by some relevant image and people copy (steal) it and places it on their blogs without placing a link.

Using Image Raider we can upload the files we’ve come up with and will report about those which placed a link on their credits so that we can write to them and ask for the link.


Tool which is useful to easily gain links. Everytime a user copies contents from our sites, Tynt will add a link at the end of the text. According to the speark which made the conference, they were surprised at people copying texts.

Trends Map

trends map

Very useful if we use a Content Manager and want to be creative with our contents to be able to viralize them and gain traffic and links. We got treated to it by Lexi Mills during his conference. It basically shows the Trending Topics in a map to know what’s popular in each zone. Thanks to it we can prepare our contents and better position them.



Working in a SEO Agency has the advantage of witnessing several types of businesses and learn from them, and the bad part of it is that gotta handle a lot of sites and not be able to do it. Thanks to Robotto we’ve got the advantage that if something changes in a client’s site, no matter how minimal the change is, they will report to us to check on it without needing to look up the whole site.

Power Mapper

power mapper

Creating a sitemap is something which any SEO can do noawayds but Power Mapper has the possibility of creating them in 2D and 3D to understand how the crawlers track our sites and also to show to the client the usefulness of creating a sitemap.

Analytics SEO

analytics seo

We were lucky to told the details by Patxi Gadañón: he told us the advantages which Analytics SEO had. That Londo software business has created a very complete SEO tool which speeds our work and offers customizing very complete in the client reporting. I invite you to try it out thanks to its Freed Demo.

Social Mention


By placing certain URLs or words it can track more than 30 social networks searchign for mentions. We can export it to a CSV or create mail alerts.

OK: try them out!

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