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#Brighton SEO – best 3 conferences

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Aleyda Solis

The Adrenalina SEO team visited the Brighton SEO where we witnessed several meetings & conferences regarding content, link building & project management. Our favorites are these:

Social structured data

Alex Moss told us about the the techniques which their agency uses to take profit of Google+, Facebook & Twitter using the featured data structuring to obtain more CTR & trust in the results and in the blogs where contents are published at.

What we liked most was that the conference was rather technical instead of the usual and used samples to easily implement it in our sites, a rather positive thing.

International SEO

The early riser Aleyda Solis was the first speaker telling us how to realize an Internation SEO strategy if our site needs it. She explained all process steps to decide if going abroad with our sites. Starting with the Goggle Analytics and Wed Masters Tool analysis of foreign country traffic until the final design which our site should have.

If you really feel like going for an International SEO strategy, I reccomend you to have a look at Fernando Macia of ClinicSEO: a rather complete exaplantion.

Check out the Aleyda conference.

How to spot a Shitty link

Very funny and interesting conference done by Paul Madden which is useful taking into account the upcoming Penguin algorithm update.

Very necessary if we’ve got a penalty site and we want to ressurrect it. He told us how to find the low-quality links to then cleanse our link building by requestion the diposal or change of them or, othewise, using Disavow Links Tool.

We currently don’t have the conference’s recording but we’ve contacted him so that he can mail it to us.

We hope that you liked our Brighton SEO Top 3 conferences list.

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