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I’m gonna build an e-commerce project

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Any battle must be won before being fought

The Art of War (Sun Tzu)


We’re going to detail some data how to start the battle of selling through Internet and what questions we must pose so that our e-commerce site has higher success probabilities, shoving asides the adequate technical aspects that aren’t needed to achieve our goals through e-commerce.

E-commerce sales volume

millions of euros/ total business volume

2007  1.000  M€

2008   1.250  M€

2009   1.575  M€

2010   1.911   M€

2011    2.400 M€

2012    2.700 M€


DATA : CMT (Telecommunication Market Commission)

¿WHY Online Marketing?

These are the data and the nice part of the cake, the part we all want and business also do, but there’s a “but”, a big “but”, and that is that 80% of the starting e-commerce projects don’t succeed: why?

If we investing in online marketing we’ll also invest to make our business work and make sure that succulent slice of the cake is ours: if we don’t do that then we can kiss good-bye to the whole deal.

We see plenty of online stores each day which don’t have traffic and even less conversion and which vanished after a while. The only guarantee you have is to work with pros, like if you wanna start a shop in your district, you should carry out a market study (online consulting), how many persons have the adequate profile for my product (Traffic Stats and Related Searches) and who walk close to my shop’s location (Site Visits). Apart from that, to make them look better at me, I hire a specialized decorator whose specialty is commerce and space optimizing (Structure, Navigability and Usability) and make the shop more attractive (Web Design). I supply confidence and customer support (Shopping Guarantee, Certificates and Quality Seals). The shop’s also properly maintained and updated (Content Generation) and we grant added value (Interesting Info and Adequate for the Buying Decision) then I’ll sell. If I don’t take care of any of those then it’s in vain.

That’s why online marketing is necessary and, before starting the battle, you must have the necessary tools to win it and have an ally which can guarantee the success of our e-commerce project.

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