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What’s your clients’ profile?

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A recently realized study in the US by Incyte Group detected 4 great groups of Internet users which share demographic tratirs and online behavior regarding the brands.

The study carried out over a basis of 1897 persons of different ages and demographic profiles, online buyers and active social network users, allows to draw some behavior patterns related to the brands and their abilit to relate with other persons which can be useful in our marketing & social media plans.

Despite the fact that the investigation was done in the US and that the numbers are different compared to those of Spain, it’s not too heard to ID them in our country.

The 4 consumers’ groups:

The fashionists

This basically femenine group is build up by girls ranging from 25 to 34 years old, having work, good incomes, sans children, online buyer and very active in social networks (has profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+ ).

They like to associate with brands, provide info and receive exclusive promotions. They’re the deam of any online marketing & e-commerce department. They’re interested in forming part of the online communities to receive offers of their brands, read comments of other community members and give out advice.

If you get them to join your communnity you can benefit from their whole potential, which isn’t only their adquisitive power, but on their habit of sharing info will all of their social contacts.

The study showed more probabilities of joining a community and favor the brand when they were given out some incentive like a cuppon.

The gentlemen

The 2nd group is formed by men from 25 to 34 years old, with a high educational level, working pros and who like to be up-to-date about gadgets and techs.

They’re experts in tech and they like to interact with other persons to share experiences and solve doubts. They’d be the male counterpart of the fashionists but without their shopping capacity.

They’re ready to join brand communities if you appeal to their feeling of helping others, solve doubts, feedback and reference to friends. If you use that appeal they can become your businesses’ best friends, acting as defenders and as improvised support for other users.

The Tech guys

The 3rd group is formed by the youngest bunch: we’re talking about males ranging from 20 to 24 years olds linked to all social networks and which use all kinds of tech.

They’re always looking for other young guys having common interests, specially about tech, to talk about it and about their brands. They don’t just look for content and rank products, they also want that their friends and followers know that they’ve done it.

The tech guys are ready to join a community, share info with friends and support your brand if you offer them some incentive.

They can form a very active community when offered priviliged info or a free trial: they like incentives which make them feel like they’re VIP clients of their favorite brands.


They are women ranging fromm 35 to 44 years old, having children, and responsible for the household shopping.

These women are know about social networks & Internet despite their lesser using rate: they use it to receive and share info, offers and promotions.

They’re very sensible to incentives and are ready to join a community, provide feedback, share with friends and defend it in exchange for something.

So if you have a public which matches this profile, consider offerign them some type of promotion or offers, they also liek to share their knowledge and take part in investigations or studies which can help you make better marketing decisions.

Do you think yoru clients fit in any of these pattners? As you can see, each of them is a chance to establish links with them and with their friends as well. We gotta form an image of our clients closer to reality: they’re no longer individual persons who buy our products, but, rather, social persons which share, defend and criticize brands and are ready if we focus some attention into sharing their experiences with our brand amongst their friends.

4 online clients types

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