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Clinic SEO CRO Summary

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CRO “Conversion Rate Optimization”

The CRO consists on a set of strategies to improve a site’s conversion rate.

What’s the conversion rate?

The conversion rate is the site’s visitor percentage VS the visitors which realize one of the set goals the site has.

Before attempting CRO

Now we know what CRO’s about, but before attempting that there’s 2 aspects which you gotta have clear and very defined.

1. Know what you site does.

A website can have several functions like attracting a lot of traffic to sell adverts, others can specialize in catching leads and other simply are e-commerces where the goal is to sell as much as possible.

Once we know our site’s function we must define our site’s functions.

2. Set goals through Google Analytics

There are several types of goals in Google Analytics and to set goals there are various manuals like the one mentioned during the “Clinic” written by Felipe Magi

SEO & CRO thought for people

When we talk about content writing they always say “write things oriented to persons because they are who read the contents, machines don’t read or buy, so write things oriented to persons.”

Something similar happens with CRO: a machine will know how to navigate your site but persons will NOT! Thus, you gotta optimize the site to make the users’ navigation easier, to make sure the buying process is the faster & easier possible.

Types of Internet users

We can classify the Internet users in 4 groups

  • Competitive user They look for the best solution to their problem, and, if you’ve got what fits their needs, they’re gonna buy it via your site.
  • Methodical user Their question is this: what can your solution offer to my problem? If you can answer then you’ve got them.
  • Spontaneous user They look for the best recent stuff: if they find what they want then it’s highly probable that they’re gonna buy it.
  • Humanistic user They want to know who your clients are and what experiences they had with your products/services before shopping. Transforming doubts in buying wish is the best way to hook them in.

Factors affecting CRO

  • Intent What does the user want to do? Why does a user search for us? What does the user want when visiting our site? They’re aspects we gotta mind if we want our site to be successful.
  • Brand recognition The best conversion ration is taken by direct traffic and brand searches. Only between 0.15% & 0.25% of the users buy in their first visit to a site, so we gotta create trust around the brand to have the user come back and buy our products.
  • Title Keywords The apparition of keywords in titles is telling the user that they’ll find what they’re looking for our site, so we’ll create the desire of continuin to read our contents.
  • Rich Snippets Creating a good snipper is the key to attracting more traffic since a result in a second or third position can beat a first position when it comes to traffic thanks to their snippet. Being subtle and introducing a “call to action” in the snippet usually brings good results along.

The Adrenalina blog has a post by Eduard Oliva having more info about Rich Snippets

Understanding the buying process

A buying process has 3 phases and all the web development team should be concious that it’s gotta be easy and fast: if possible, the user should be able to buy something in about 1 minute.

These 3 phases are as following:

  1. Knowledge phase They access our site and sees we’ve got his product.
  2. Evaluation phaseThey compare it with other sites. There are 3 factors which have special imporance before buying something.
    • Site-generated trust
    • Product price.
    • Final transaction price, including taxes, dispatch costs, etc.
  3. Buying phase The user has decided to use our site and the buying process reaches its end with one question: will the user be able to buy in our site?

Means to improve conversion rate

The are several means to improve the conversion rate of a site:

A/B Test

The A/B test was about generating different tests trying different designs in one of the site’s pages.

We can carry out any changes during tests until we achieve a site with the desired conversion rate.

There are countless means: alterign texts, colors or size or altering things’ order.

There’s no mean ensured to have a 100% success rate since each site has a different user profile so we’ll have to test until find the right structure.

Conversion pathways analysis’

We analyze how users navigate inside of our site and we use that to improve their site experience.

We can detect conduct patterns through that or errors which slow down the buying process.

Analyze how our target persons are

Knowing our users’ profile is necessary to realize any kind of improvement in the site.

If we detect that our users visit us from cell-phones, the improvements should be aimed at improving the users’ experiences with those kinds of devices.

On the other side, if know what our target is a public novice to Internet we’ll try to create a very intuitive site and with an easy navigation.

CRO process cycles

To imrpove the converstion rate for our site there’s an improvements cycle which follow the following paces:

  1. Study our site To improve a site we must know what’s failing and know our users’ profile.
  2. Develop a study This step is about thinking on improvements to our site, make the necessary improvements in our site and apply them.
  3. Evaluate results Once the improvements have been done we must see how they work like and draw conclusions.
  4. Ajust & repeat Through the earlier drawn conclusions we’re goign to re-tune our site and start the wheel again from the necessary spot.

Tools to improve CRO

  • Google Adplaner
  • Yahoo clues
  • SerpIQ
  • clicktest
  • einnova tool
  • visual website optimizer
  • optimizely

    Best Clínic moments

    @natzir9: We mustn’t buy traffic whic can’t be converted

    @jrosell: we must aim for a happy ending for our users

    @natzir9 before buying a testing tool check out their algorithm

    @jrosell: people tire very qucikly

    @jrosell: Before carrying out a test we gotta know all about its processes.


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    CRO’s a complicated topic and can create a lot of doubts: we suggest you some common questions which may solve your doubts.

    How much time does a CRO process take?

    It depends on the quality of those pros working on it: the more the pro the sooner the conversion rate will lift, so the process will be faster.

    Which pages should we optimize?

    CRO isn’t about optimizing our site’s whole pages: we simply gotta improve the pages which bring more money or which we believe can bring lotta money. To do that we must know which are the pages which makes us win more money, and, amongst them, we have these:

    Landing Pages

    These are the pages via which visitors reach our site.

    They’re the priority one pages to be optimized since they’re the first ones clients see.

    Product files

    They usually serve as landing pages but that’s not always: when they do, though, we gotta optimize them to increase the visitors’ numbers which start up our conversion funnels.

    All pages of our conversion funnel.

    The conversion funnel includes those pages the user goes through to complete the buying process.

    Avoiding visitors’ departure from those pages is goal number one.

    Do you have more doubts about CRO? Leave your comment and we solve your dobuts. You need a SEO plan or a Link-building strategy? We can help ya!

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