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Content marketing is the future

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Content marketing is about creating info (tables, posts, paperback publications…) which may interest your possible consumers so as to have them interact with those contents and achieve, through them, interest in your business or brand and the creation of a good link with it.

The idea is this: your possible consumers will be the ones to approach you out of their own initiative and not the reverse. It’s a most indirect manner to achieve consumers and sell your products. The goal of content marketing isn’t immediate selling but to plant a seed so that this sale may materialize in the future.

This system, nowadays, is gaining a lot of value given some matters: first one is that the consumer has more info and, for them, ads aren’t an influence and aren’t believable. And not only ads: any direct form of communication from the business to the consumers (telemarketing, bulletins, e-mail marketing, Internet ads…), seems to little by little lose its effectiveness. The crisis also influences, given how the consumer thinks it twice before buying and gathers more info about it.

content rules!

Content Marketing benefits

I’ll comment some reasons why content marketing is a good choice:

– Better from them to come than you going for them: This common situation which can be extrapolated to almost everything is the content marketing’s efficacy basis.

If we approach them then we don’t get any bonus in the aspect of convincing them to select our products and it can even create a repulsion for our business (if we keep on bombarding them it becomes counterproductive publicity). That’d be fatal for us and it could derive into the almost total loss of a possible consumer.

On the other hand, if the consumers approaches us then all those defense mechanisms vanish in a flash and, what’s more: they become interested in us and will look at us with a positive predisposition regarding anything about our business or brand. That’s how the sympathies towards a brand are achieved and it’s the first step to gain a faithful client.

– Outbound marketing economical costs: very related with the content marketing concept we’ve got inbound marketing and outbound marketing which will be explained below:

Well. Inbound marketing is mainly about having users get interested in us and have them approach us. But the outbound marketing is the one in which we reach out to our public through adverts. So as to say: what we just said in the previous part.

Getting back on the matter, we’re thinking in different ways to communicate with the consumers, with us being the ones who go fetch them:

Ads in TV, press, radios…: very expensive and little efficacy

Magazines ads: Not so expensive but it still is: rather ineffective because you interact with a very specific target but you reach out to a small number of persons.

Telemarketing: not too expensive but terribly expensive and can supposed negative secondary effects (repulsion as a result of the bombing)

E-mail marketing: little costs, almost no efficacy.

Bulletins: It’s both expensive and inefficient. How much is it to send out bulletins? How many of those are really opened? And those which are opened: how many of them end up in a sale o real interest towards the announced products? The replies to these questions bring us to the initial conclusion.

Internet ads: It’s got higher efficacy and not-so-expensive costs but it still is publicity (you “attack” the consumer and they don’t come to fetch you).

Out of these analysis, we can reach a conclusion: going to fetch the consumers has high costs (but sometimes necessary). Once we’ve assumed this, we gotta ask: it’s worth it to pay all of that to deal with the consumers’ defensive behavior, which we brought up higher up?

Content marketing model

Content marketing, positive for the consumers and for our SEO

For a possible consumer, on the other hand, it’s soothing to read interesting content about something which could be interesting. Truth is: by offering positive feelings, it’ll inevitably bring upon positive consequences to our consumers and how they regard us.

We could also add that online search engines are improving and strengthening their algorithms by having them pick us unique and hi-quality contents offered by sites. If one of our goals is to show up in the top ranks of search engines what we’ll need to do is to fill our sites with interesting and unique contents.

As a conclusion, content marketing, on my POV, it’ll be one of the most important factors for any marketing department in a close rather than far future, out of different reasons: it’s more efficient, cheaper, gives a good business image to our possible consumers and generates viral content among other reasons.

Despite that, this won’t be the end of the traditional publicity or business’ attempts to contact with the possible consumers. Publicity will keep on play their role but it won’t be used “for all” but it’ll be used for more determined goals like promoting a brand.

Well! Content marketing also has some limitations and 1st of them is the difficulty to achieve a wide diffusion of the generated contents (especially for businesses which don’t have great social networks communities or brand content) by businesses or brands. It means that publicity will remain alive to reach where content marketing doesn’t.

Nevertheless, I think that both publicity and other forms which directly “attack” clients will begin to get quiet and that’ll make the sectors which they’ve lately gained a lot through publicity think of a new model.

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