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Content Marketing by Arturo Marimon | Clinic SEO – eShow

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The main goal of the conference is to learn how you can, with a good content marketing strategy, achieve virality which generes links in a natural manner.

Keys to make a content manager strategy a success

  • You must have a marketign plan, it’s better to have a bad plan and have it compared to not having it.
    Who’s the client? We gotta ID who buys our corporate products: who are fans of our business? We must ID these persons to catalog them.
  • A big team is the key, the teamwork of a team is vital to achieve results.
  • We must measureWhat isn’t measured can’t be improved: you must analyze what happens with published content, it’s not just creating content and that’s it: you must know how that conent works like and improve it.
  • It’s not about braggingPeople don’t want you to talk about your business: they want you to talk about the sector’s themes: people talking to people and not businesses talking to people.
  • 80 / 20 Law 80% of the time is spent tryign to conquer the plan and 20% of the time is spent betting in some ideas which can revolutionize the plan.
  • The title is much more than mere SEO The campaign’s goal is not to rank in search engine: the campaign’s objective is to position services and products, thus the title’s purpose is to draw users in.

    You must write 25 titles for each post, the first 15 are descriptive and the last 10 are viral

  • Think different If the budget is small then you gotta be different and stand out through creativity.
  • Hot content You can get a lot of repercussion by creatign content but you gotta be dynamic, creative and origina.
  • Adapting to mobile devices The conent must be adapted to all kinds of devices.
  • Creating quality content Original content isn’t enough: what matters is what I tell and how I tell it. The key there is having fun creating contents.
  • You’ve got a second to stand out The first second settles if the content will work or not.
  • You’re the 1st filter If you don’t like the content others won’t either.
  • NewsJacking Generate content on the moment.
  • Use tools to monitor all which appens with your contents.

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