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CRO: optimize your site and increase your conversion

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Conversion Rate Optimization “CRO” is but a set of strategies and techiques which help improve your site by increasing each visit’s conversion. It’s important to spend effort in achieving constant new visits to your site, but it’s more important to make sure these visits become recurring customers.

It’s very usual that, when a client decides to build their web, they think on the design, the contents the SEO positioning but we don’t study how that design and contents can affect the future site conversion. It’s very usual to find sites which have a high traffic but a low conversion rate.

The conversion rate is, undoubtedly, the best KPI to determine ecommerce efficacy. A study indicates that the average conversion in ecommerce is approximately 2% of the visitors and 98% of them decide not to buy, finally leaving the site and, in several cases, without recurrence percentage. If that’s your case then don’t worry: you’re average. No matter how many attempts they do, ecommerce sites which try to improve themselves only find that the bounce back (abandonment) rate is increasing.

In most of these cases, users need more info of the product, compare prices, have confidence in the site, check comments about produce and the site where to buy it, etc. What’s more:

Did you know that users look up an average 10,7 different sources before buying something?

Increase your site's conversion through CRO

Google has edited an ebook where they explain and analyze the actions of users and they call the moment when they decision to buy has been done “ the zero moment of truth.

One of the key moments is the abandonment tax in the checkout, when the client has chosen a product, has it on the cart, and the real buying process begins. That’s a key moment and reality shows that most sites obstaculize that process themselves. That’s where experience proves that, by studying and testing users’ habits, we can know the details of that abandonment between the most usual ones.

  • Lack of trust in the store, verisign seals, online trust, google trust store…
  • Lack of info of why they ask this data out of us.
  • Not showing a communications means to soothe the user like chat, phone or FAQs.
  • Having worked on the product’s trust before.
  • Offer comments which determine the decision to buy.
  • Offer the process’ progession through a number of steps.

A sample produced by the Google Analytics team through this video analyzes what, in most cases, would be real life.

To begin optimizing a site you need to define the site objectives, what they intend to achieve with it: earning money, achieving traffic, create contact requests, sell ads… That’s when we can understand that all efforts are aimed to achieving those goals.

  • Decide which are the main goals
  • Understand what boosts these goals.
  • Evaluate all site aspects and understand how to help to the achievement of the goals.
  • Use that knowledged to create indicators to measure the success or failure of the actions

To measure a site’s efficacy it’s necessary to combine three basic things: web analysis, polls and user tests.

  • Client study: we must carry out genre studies aimed at the taret public, age range, personality range, shopping trends, online behaviors, etc: they will be done to create strategic online advertising campaigns, landing pages design, interal contents, etc.
  • Unique selling idea. Use all you have to create a powerful positive identity for the stire: the user must immediately see the benefits of products and services.
  • Persuasion architecture, specific site pages will be ID and isolated like key areas for effective and persuavive contents.

Why pick Adrenalina as CRO partner?

Because we’re result-oriented and our CRO service helps achieve that our clients’ sites gain the max benefit of each user’s visit. To achieve that we’ll do it through a trial and tests process which is integrated in our web analytics services having usage techniques which allow one to exactly know the behavior of the visits reaching our site and being able to fully optimize each destination page turning them into a conversion tool.

We Adrenalina are experts in responsive web design and know that, to successfully optimize your site, you must implement a holistic process which incorporates data sources, both qualificative and quantitative, and thus we will achieve a better user experience and the set goals.

Don’t wait anymore: decided NOW to increase youre site’s conversion rate.

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CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

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