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Customer support: worth the investment?

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The importance of quality customer support

Nowadays, to mark a difference with your competency, one of the means to achieve it is to invest in some good customer support.

Improving in the support we offer is an important challenge since it involves any form of support we can establish with our clientes. From picking up the phone, followed by how we present and advise our porudcts and even the level of involvement we show when he’s got some problem.

Customer support

We’ll find businesses in the online market which are characterized by splendid customer support and which base their great success in their RSC.

An example is Zappos and I’d like to point out a case in which a girl bought some sandals for her mother. The mother was ill, and since she lost weight, the sandals’ size lowered and wasn’t correct, so the girl told Zappos she wanted to return them. Sadly enough, her mother died and she couldn’t return the sandals within the 15 days stated by the terms & conditions. The company decided to send an urgent messenger to pick the sandals and bring some flowers to the girl.

The result? That girl wrote a post about that tale in her blog which made it spread like foam, getting over 100 comments and featured by some prestige bloggers.

Zappos got a lot of profitability increasing its reputations as brand and gaining new users.

What we achieve improving customer support:

  1. Dales and profitability increase.
  2. Loyalty and followers: customers end up buying more.
  3. Improve the brand’s image, credibility and business reputation.
  4. Be different from the competency: have the clients be convinced that your’e better because you make good offers and know them very well.
  5. Get better business partners and suppliers thanks to the improved market quote.

Increase sales with customer support

Howe could we do it? Focusing in the values we want to offer. Not only the product or our image help make the difference.

It’s necessary to measure the different areas or persons which are directly related with the client’s satisfaction and analyze them to be able to reply to questions which will improve our business:

What do they expect by coming to my business?

What details I can offer to make them feel confortable?

How I convince them this is what they were looking for?

Does the product match the quality they were expecting which the competency doesn’t have?

What will make them come again?

I’d like to talk about a tool which we Adrenlina, experts in Barcelona Web Positioning,use and which allows us to increase sales in a surprising manner given the direct line with the client.

Customer support chat

By using chat, you’re offerign the client the commodity of asking anything and getting an immediate answers, which translates into sales. Adrenalina realizes pro web design in Barcelona
and investigates how investing in design and use reduces the workload Customer Support has.

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