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Don’t treat online reputation like teeth

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Why, if we gotta be sincere, do we commit the same sins… or almost all of ‘em. And one of them is going late and in a sloppy manner to the dentist’s ‘cause we’ve got a serious problem and it hurts like Hell. We do it like that instead of being cautious and prevent mayor damage when one tooth slightly aches and we instead wait ‘till the last possible moment.

When that happens, the damage has spread, and forces us to go a lot of time to the dentist’s and contemplate how the white-clad fella stuffs a drill in our mouth (and in our pockets too).

If you know that, which has happened to a lot of persons, we agree that doing the same with our image, our digital ID and our business’ online reputation isn’t just reckless, but very dangerous indeed. Hence the silly title for the post, really exaggerated and with an unreliable point, but it’s a reflection of how some VERY important stuff have very easy prevent and, on the other hand, a long, expensive and hard repair. Let’s not treat our online presence like our body. Let’s try do it slightly better.

Because, as I once heard in the Adrenalina office, someone will sooner or late find a similar problem. Our network exposition is vital to achieve visibility and when it comes to starting any initiative, factors like resources, objectives, channels and competency are taken into account: but we ignore our own weaknesses. You must predict risks and find out what they say about us or what criteria are used in a product’s reputation, a project’s o a service which is in danger or is being attacked.

Where to start from?

A good question with 2 replies. If ya have an online reputation problem, skip this point and go to the spot named “counting ‘till 10”. But if ya liked the dentist’s example and want to prevent major damage if you notice any alarming signs, then you gotta ask yourself some questions.

Write these down: how is my business positioned in search engines? My product or project has competency? Could there be a name or domain trouble? Do I have complains or negative references from other products or services in my business? The project handles have an online ID which grants solidity to it? Who could damage me, and how? Have I foreseen the replies to problems or mistakes in the customer support service?

The list can get longer ‘cause each project’s different, but the prevention’s the same in all cases. The goal is to build a safety net to avoid jumping down into the void. That net included a previous and exhaustive analysis of mentions, opinions, keywords, all kinds of comments and digital ID solidity among other factors.

The net offers the possibility, as Obama and the NSA know, to control almost everything, but we’re only interested in what affect a client’s reputation and their project’s. And we’d like to transmit the need to all of them to prevent trouble before it shows up. It seems exaggerated. It isn’t.

Counting ‘till 10

Or ‘till 100 if needed. If ya have a problem and an online reputation crisis has popped out, the immediate questions is: what do I? The clear reply is this: nothing.

To be more exacts: nothing during the first few minutes or hours. You gotta count ‘till 10 or 100, coolly think it over, investigate and analyze what happened. The reputation problems can come from different forms, with characters we couldn’t picture and with a reason or not. That’s when the crisis protocol comes in: and ya don’t come up with that in just 1 day or 1 week.

It’s part of the prevention plan which will allow us to, were it to be the case, save a crisis or keep our reputation intact. And that must be short, concise, efficient and allow anyone to execute some basic instruction. You know it: Murphy never sleeps and that’s a true fact given how trouble pops out when ya less expect it to and when the persons who should solve it are vacationing.

Another part of the business plan

Building an online reputation isn’t free. You gotta spend work-hours and the hours have their cost. It’s a pro job which must be done in a methodical manner, trying somehow to avoid loose ends and picturing all possibilities. It’s nothing new. The risk prevention pros have been handling those for years already and know that any activity, from transportation to industry, can suffer any problem. What changes is the channels and the risk type and what’s totally new is their almost immediate spreading and reaching and persistence. That’s why, and it being a very relevant thing, it’s a must to invest in prevention.

If ya decide to do it, we’ll try to build a good safety net. The trick, like in bike racing, is to eliminate obstacles beforehand and to prevent risks. We can commit mistakes in any project and fall down, but the key is to not to crash and, after the romp, like Márquez, Rossi and their buddies do, is to rise up again and be ready for the next race.

To be continued…

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