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Drop-shipping:selling more sans stocking

The term dropshipping, also named strong>drop shipment means to encompass the act of not stocking the products sold in an online store: instead the distributor or maker is the one who takes care of the direct handover to the store’s final client, saving up the storage costs plus making it easier along with giving out improved value of having a product catalogue that, otherwise, the store wouldn’t be able to afford.

The constant e-commerce grown in Spain is, startign a few years back, a reality, as we’ll see in the next google trends graph: we see a very pronounced growth of drop-shipping in Spain which confirms the current status of this business model.



We can also see that the number of monthly searches has risen to important levels.


The Spain drop-shipping has two branches:

One is the entrepreneurs branch which wants to come into the ecommerce world and the other involves makers & distributors which want to sell their products on Internet.

Drop-shipping for entrepreneurs and store owners

The no stocking approach interests entreprenurs who’d want to set up an online store since this ends up being an advantage: they can directly work with the supplier’s stock reducing the monetary risk. In both traditional and Internet business, one of the major downsides is to have immobile stuff which doesn’t generate incomes and allows one to centralize all resources, worries and time in what really matters to the online store: and that’s selling. Obviously enough, out of this competitive advantage, we sacrifice the margin we could obtain from makers when buying a major volume and it’s always very tied to the business which is avialable for the business investment.

Dropshipping & final client

Since the online store owner isn’t the one realizing the dispatch one of the challenges is that the final customer has to have the total feeling that the product left the online store and that can only be acheived in two manners.

One is avoiding the bill send-off of the product’s buying to the final client allowing them to download it from the online store itself.

The other is sending the white-brand packagages without any distributor ID or with package customizing but this one has an added cost of making and the supplier can need to apply an additional cost given the special treatment of the store’s requests.

Drop-shipping for Distributors

For the makers & distributors, drop-shipping can be a new system withinfinite potential because it allows them to focus in the business and expand the offer through a drop-shipping system which grants access to entrepreneurs who want to sell by creating their own store. This entrance into Pro internet will allow them to manage a major request volume, the ones generated by their usual commerce media or the internet media with their drop-shippers’ network.

Drop-shipping in Spain

Here in Spain, thanks to the internet corporations, we find more and more makers and distributors which discovered the benefits of drop-shipping but there’s still a lot of market. As a consequence of the economical status which the physical distributor stores’ clients have increasing problem and that the distributors are slowly opening up to new manners of selling their products. The more popular and relevant the Internet selling becomes the more the distributors realize the potential of this tool and they’re more receptive: the drop-shipping systems’ creators or empreneteurs who want to add this system can havecatalogue availability and realize the unity picking jobs for the handover to final clients.

Drop-shipping Catalogues & Unitary Picking

When you search for distributors and makers which offer a drop-shipping services, the most common case is that the enterpreur stumbles upon this reponse: they’re not ready to make their cataloguesbe available to the public and to work with Unitary Picking.

Seen from the distributors’ POV, their catalogues & stock are their most valuable goods and it’s very hard to convince them to make this information be available: but for those who want to integrate their products into a store then it’s one of the must-be pieces of data ‘cause it shows to their clients the real stock which a store can offer and skips a very common problem in stores which don’t have integrated stocks: selling products they can’t deliver.

Currently, one can find a lot of supplieres used to the selling with a lot of vaolume and their warehouses are built and prepared for “pales” requests or even trucks and thus packing and sending small requests for final clients is a problem which they’re not used to.

Luckily, more and more warehouse are realzing the loss of selling potential with their refusal to unitary picking and are re-shaping their buildings but it’s a long work for entrepreneurs to convince the supplier of the advantages they’ll gain via Internet-based unitary selling and the potential it’ll have on a not too distant future.

International Dropshipping & Transport business

One of the main obstacles distribuots find is fear of the unknown, most of the products-supplying business have been around for a lot of years and don’t have an international view of their potential market: as if it wasn’t hard enough to convince suppliers that Internet-selling is good, it becomes harder if you try to distribute their products beyond the country borders. Luckily, transport businesses are doing a good job to tackle that.

The prices of the international deliveries are more accessible and, currently, you can find good services at excellent fares.

When you become international one of the critical aspects if the deliveries’ effectiveness: to allow for an online store to grow and sell more each day it’s mandatory to increasethe ammount of pleased clients who used the service and that involves having an out-standing delivery and packing service.

If the delivert terms work as they should, and devolutions are handled with efficiency and seriousness then you’ve overcome one of the main barriers.

Drop-shipping in Adrenalina

We Adrenalina are experts in the drop-shipping sector in Spain and International with two sites of drop-shipping management, having hundreds of different sectors’ stores and contact between them with a wide range of distributors having over 100.000 products.

We take charge of the automating of all stock in a warehouse to make possible their direct integration in our stores, or from third parties using data export via CSV or XML, which are the most recommended for the needed functions.

If you’re distributor or maker and you’d want to increase your sales in Internet accessing enterpreneurs with online stores or you want to start Internet-based selling without needing to worry about the product on its own and only centering in the sales’ generation then don’t hesistate to contact us and we’ll detail you about our drop-shipping sector services.

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