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How to find topics to hook up our targets

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A while ago we talked about how to find your blogs’ target. Well, with that already solved, now we gotta find the themes to hook up these targets, which create some engagement and remain in our blog. And that they come back, obviously enough. Let’s expose some ideas of how to find said themes:


First thing first is the knowledge we already have, we and our business, with its different departments. It’s the same thing we mentioned in the previous post. And we don’t need to repeat ourselves, really.

Let’s remember that our sales team and our customer support team normally have excellent first-hand info given how they directly talk with the client and they know what kind of matters worries them more, what are the FAQs, etc… We’ve got several ideas there to create content which’ll surely interest our potential public. Let’s mind it.

Keywords research

We’ll done plenty of keyword research so as to optimize our website. These same studies can help us to find topics to talk about in our blogs.

Our main buddy here is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. When we search through a keyword, the tool will give us plenty of ideas about keywords or key-phrases related with ours. We should mark those which we believe they have potential as possible contents to deal about and and download that file using the option provided by the tool.

Now you’ve got an Excel file with some keywords which have the potential to become good topics to write about. We can think it’s not enough. OK. Here you have another two programs to find further related keywords which help us create powerful contents for our target:

Ubersuggest. This page works by introducing the keyword we’re interested in the country of origin. Then we can prepare for a real waterfall of related terms split by Alphabetic order and each one with its possible subdivisions which have other subdivisions.
. In short: it’s hard not to find what we search.


Semrush. This software, even though it only brings out its true potential through the pay-only version, is a tool which allows us to analyze a lot of parameters about a specific website, its competency, etc… And among all these uses you can also look up competency keywords (or ours, but of course). The key would to be search someone with a lot of success in their field and see what keywords are having further success. This can give us a great idea of what to do to emulate their success.


Once we have the whole list of interesting keywords in our Excel file we’ll add other columns with possible titles for posts, blogs in which to publish, post type, etc…

Network’s popular topics

If what we want, on the other side, is to deal with the topics which are globally popular, like those in social networking, we’ve got the following choice:

Topsy. This tool allows us to see some of the most popular Twitter conversation topics, based on the tweets carried out in some said days. We only need to input a keyword or key-phrase and we’ll be able to analyze the most shared contents.

 Or we could exploit social markers like Digg, Delicious or Mister Wong. These markers allow us to search by words and/or themes and see what group themes have further traffic and within these groups what articles or site have more followers/votes. From there we can draw a lot of info and inspiration about how to focus our posts and topics to write about.

As you can see there are several varied choices. But we’ve forgotten a very important one: common sense. In the end it shouldn’t be so complicated to think what topics will have further success among our target and more about if we really are experts of our sector…

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