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Gmail edits inbox in PCs, iOS phones & Android phones

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Google announced the Gmail redesign (their mail service) to web, Android and iOS which will slowly be introduced across the world.

Through these edits Google intends to facilitate the use of our inbox. “We’ve got a lot of different emails: friendly mails, social warnings, offers, confirmations, receipts, etc. All these mails struggle to get our attention and make it harder to focus on what we gotta do. Sometimes it’d seem our in-boxes are controlling us instead” said Itamar Gilad, Google Product Manager, in the Gmail blog.

The new inbox makes the mails be automatically sorted in tabs which split content by category depending on their info.

New Gmail PC inbox

That’s something all mail systems offer through filters and folders, but the new Gmail automatizes part of the process and the system (theoretically) learns about new tastes.

new gmail design androidnew gmail design iOS

Available categories are: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums.

You only need to pick the visible categories (can be turned off) and your inbox will be set up to see all news in a sweep and decide what to read.

If you don’t like it then you simply turn off all categories to go back to classic mode or any other one.

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