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Guest blogging benefits

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Today we’ll tell you about the benefits of guest blogging, one of the most effective strategies when it comes to creating a loyal audience.

In truth, creating quality content, decently written, and publish it in someone else’s blog is a splendid way of fusing a set of strategies for our online business.

What’s more: this method is very thorought! Guest blogging will always be a very powerful choice no matter what might Google come up with or which any other large-scale search-engine might come up with.

Discover guest-blogging

Another aspect which favors guest blogging is that it can work as “entrance door” to gain some status as experts on the field. The more posts we work on and the more well-worked posts we publish in authority blogs, the more chances we’ll have of contacting and interacting with others. Along time these guys will think of you as an expert on the topic and can become part of your target audience.

It won’t just provide you with public: this method can bring you juicypowerful blogs’ links which will push your site a bit further: something which you should be thankful of.

Well then: let’s get down to business and check 4 aspects to prove the benefits which guest-blogging can give us:

1-Guest-blogging increases our authority


When we’re still at the initial stages of content marketing we can have a lot of knowledge about our field but have very little authority and that’s because we’re unknown.

Publishing our contents in other blogs helps capture potential public which link our name with quality contents and a trustable information source.

The more readers who read your works, the higher authority you’ll generate. It’s an accumulative process and can also quickly evolve if we’ve got the capability to generate a lot of content in (relatively) short time.

2-Guest blogging captures a loyal public, not just traffic


Everyone can “buy” traffic using PPC and similar tactics. And that’s not a bad idea. But what we’re buying is just that: just “traffic”!

Traffic gained through a guest post, however, equals to public we’ve worked to gain. In short: we mean that people will come to your site to specifically search your contents because it’s interested them and they’re curious to know what else you’ll say about the topic.

What comes next depends on you being able to transform those visitors into a loyal long-term public: but if you use a good guest post then you save yourself some of the mandatory steps.

3-Guest-blogging helps build your contacts network


How can people who publish contents jump from small size to large size?

Through contacts. Creating an important contacts network, both small – size and big – size, which will help spread the word.

A tweet or link from an important enough publisher (with a passionate responding public) can place you on the right road to achieve the minimum public to make sure your business is possible.

You’ll surely not start your career by writing stuff aimed at the big fishes. You don’t need to either. The key point is to start writing for site which have a wider public which ours and gradually aim for sites having higher readers’ count.

It’s important to take into account that writing a post for a foreign blog is good but it’s better if we write several posts there. Try to create a relationship with the blogs you write for and contribute in any possible manner anytime you can, once per month at the very least.

4-Guest blogging is good for organic SEO


Achieving hi-quality link-building is one of the trick aspects involved into achieving an effective SEO. The guest posting allows you to recibe a relevant and organic link, using the anchor text you decide and in a site which has an excellent authority in their search engine.

Remember: make everything be as natural as possible and aimed at “humans” and not robots. You gotta think about your readers first: they are the guys who will be coming to our site later on; then you can worry about the optimization for Google & co.

You also mustn’t stuff your posts with links. One or two hi-relevance links will be helpful instead. And the blog owner will be grateful to you if you include internal links towards their most powerful stuff. Contact us to prepare a link-building campaign,web app development, develop iPad apps

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