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How to find your blogs’ target?

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If we want to start a marketing campaign based on contents, step number one would logically be know which are the goals and who is the intended receiver of this content. In other words: the public, the audience, the target.

The goals of a campaign like this should at least include one of these:

– Position your business as a sector authority.

– Attract new clients through highly informative content.

Achieve further traffic coming from search engine.

All these goals, though, need some work to tell who we’re aiming for. Does this include Google?
Well… You could say yeah; after all content writing should be SEO-oriented to “appeal” to the search engines but nevertheless that shouldn’t be the final goal, our target. We’re talking about aiming for persons and that’s not all, persons who are going to be interested by our contents.

We’ll show you some strategies and advice to be able to tell which is our target or public goal.

Your own knowledge

And by “knowledged” we mean those of your business with different departments: wasn’t it it obvious? The marketing department, the sales department or the client asssitance department can given you a lot of valuable clues about where to trek or where the shots aim at.

One example: the sales department can grant us the following info:

– Different businesses and sectors through which you create contents.

– The information level we’ll use to write (beginner, medium, advanced) needed to leave a good impresssion in our audience.

– Theme which the perfect client would be more interested to read.

– The blogs which said perfect client could very probably be reading.

On the other side, the client assistance department, used to listen to their requests and complains, can give you ideas about which topics we should handle to answer to most of the requests they get.

Google Analytics

If you’ve got a set of goals set in your Google Analytics, the key tool to web analytics, (and if you don’t have them, Google Help Center can give you some clues about how to do it) then you can gather a lot of information about the type of public which is already using your services or signs us in your lead-generation services.

Google Analytics

You can switch to different zones of your Google Analytics to find out, for example, the type of traffic in your site with the highest conversion options.

Facebook Insights

Thanks to the Facebook Insights in your business’ site (your business DOES have a Facebook page — right?) you’ll be able to check out all kind of demographic info about your visitors, including age, gender, city, language…

Facebook Insights

YouTube Insights

Same happens with your Youtube channel; if you videos have enough playbacks you can realize the same checks you did with Facebook on your target.

That also means that you can check out the videos you made to find the top countries, gender and age rank of those who usually visit your channel. It’ll be helpful to see if the videos you create for your business generate good engagement amongst the public or they aren’t checked out.


You can use your competency to gather info thanks to the following sites:

  • DoubleClick Ad Planner
    If their site is big enough then you’ll be able to access a set of demographic data like age, gender, education level and salary thanks to Ad Planner.
  • Facebook – Their Facebook page can supply sector info. Click over the “likes” number it has and you’ll access the location of most of their fans and the usual age ranks.
  • Competency’s blog – You want to know which contents are working for your competency? Check their blog and find out what contents generate further engagement. If the comments permit links, you can browse through them to know more about that sector’s community.


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