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How to incorporate a tech partner into your project

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A lot of start-ups or pymes (small and medium – scale businesses) think of hiring the services of experts when they decide to begin an Internet project so as to build, design and promote the project.
This isn’t a guarantee of its success and can mean a treasury overload which risks the project, so more and more businesses think of making a tech partner join their project instead: they cut the investment ammount and gain possibilities of achieving a public or private investment. When it comes to choosing a tech partner it’s important to consider these factors:

Detect the company’s tech needs:

These needs can be very varied types, ranging from the creation of an ERP or CRM which allows for improvement of the management or of the organization and until the building of an e-shop which becomes a sector reference or internationalizing a project. Depending on the needs and our investment capability, a wise choice would be to cooperate with a “tech angel” which would input money into the project. Gotten to these ends, the partner must get involved and find specific solutions to the project’s tech needs.

Analyze the market and the competency:

During this stage we must carry out a competency benchmarking to analyze what it does and how it does it. A change or technological solution isn’t just applying it: you must go beyond and achieve a differenation with the competency while always thinking on the user.

Pick the suitable tech partner:

tech partner & angel partner

During the process of interviewing and select a tech angel it’s important, above all, to have a good communication and understanding, what’s normally known as “having feelings”. Picking a partner is the same as pick your sponsor: there are the types who can solve the problem, but it’d be ideal to find someone who will work with you during a project’s development, offering constant solutions and improvements and getting involved in the whole process.

Comunication & long term:

A basic aspect when startign to work with a tech partner is to establish optimal comunications means: not let the project get stuck given delays in key decisions or lack of comunications. On the long term, once the project’s goals have been complemented, you must detect the business’ new needs, transforming them in new challenges and goals so that our tech partner gains an important advantage over the competency.


We Adrenalina aren’t just a Barcelona web positioning agency, we’ve got experience as forming part of a project in an active manner, assuming the responsibilities a modern Internet project aiming for success must have.

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