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HTTP Response Codes, Web Redirecting and common errors

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Web Redirecting

Well! Web Redirecting basically happens when a web browser requests a page to the replying server, it can, instead of just forwarding the content, return a header the next request to the browser and URL change (there’s always an URL change else the browser would get stuck in an doom loop of requests for the same page).

We’ve got 2 types of HTTP header redirecting: temporary and permanent.

The temporal redirecting or 302 redirecting are used to forward the content of another site, but, as the name says, it’s temporary and means that it’ll only last during a set time or a particular condition. This type of redirecting isn’t checked by Google: they foolow the link but they don’t use to transmit authority.

redireccionamiento web

On the other hand, 301 redirecting is permanent and means that the content’s been moved or replaced by another forever. This type of redirecting is used to realize structure changes in a site’s links, like reorganizing categories or domain changes.

Google interprets 301 redirecting as a permanent change of the original URL by the new one and makes odd things like transmitting the authority to the new URL in the same manner it makes it go through a normal link (in other words, “do-followSERPs seek keywords of the previous site and displays results which are unrelated simply because there’s been a 301 redirecting from the spot those keywords were at to the URL which shows up in the current SERP.

It’s interesting to know how these work, because they can handle a site’s changes, both to improve indexing and to redirect traffic without the user noticing the change (at the very leas he’ll spot the new URL).

As an example, you can configure redirecting from Apache directives so that the requests don’t reach the app, a direct domain change is solved using a single instruction in the .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine On
redirectMatch 301 ^(.*)$$1

Another way to solve some errors of old categories and transmit them to a search so as to not to lose the user would be:

RewriteRule ^category/(.*)$ /search/$1 [NC,L,R=301]

Remember that you need to activate the Apache function named mod_rewrite to configure this redirecting.

If you use Ubuntu then you can use the command a2enmod rewrite  to do this.


HTTP Errors

You must know there are 3 big groups of response codes to understand protocol or HTTP errors and 2 of them refer to these errors.

Group 1 stats wErrith numbers 1, 2 and 3: it submits info in the app’s or site’s status. The most well-know is Number 200: the request was received and has correctly ended.

40x Errors

This group encompasses the receding differences between errors 404 and 410, and indicates what the page or resource request to the server doesn’t exist, it can be a page or a static file like in an image or document. Error 404 means that the resource isn’t available and Error 410 that the resources isn’t there and won’t ever be there. Mind you:Google doesn’t tell them apart and believes they’re the same thing.

Error 401 says that the current user isn’t allowed to access the resource. This error is caused because the user handling the web requests doesn’t have read permits to access the requested file.

To solutions to correct this type of mistake are based on improving the app, both if there are links to pages or files which don’t exist or simple errors in the app.

50x Server Errors

These are the worse errors, generally brought forth by important mistakes in the web app, like the page not having access to the database, is executing a mistaken operation, or a same programming code error.

The solution will mean to analyze and revise the errors in a particular manner, and if we find that there are usually generated yet in a random manner, we’ll have to check out the hosting service or server quality<(strong>, because these errors add up out of lack of server resources, and the app can’t handle the web users’ requests.

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