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Hard times: the importance of a good human resources plan.

Nowadays business work in a constantly shifting context, the competence demands are escalating and that makes Human Resources management be one of the most important factors in-business, makes it be the decisive link to achieve success in the goals, seeking to improve the work performance and of the workers bringing welfare and a good work atmosphere along.


When we’re not knowledgeable about the wide contents this department involves we end up believing it only involves some small and basic aspects which we’ve heard of like personnel recruiting, formation, work relationship, retributions… But this is wider than these mere concepts: we’re forgetting about the most important concept. The human factor.

The HR department is the strategical handling of the employees which, individually and collectively, contribute to achieve the business’ goals, highlighting that those who form part of a staff is the most important thing for a business. Given that those we hire are those which will carry out the triumphs or, on the contrary, the business failure, this is the heart of the business.

I’m going to expose some basic strategies but which are important nevertheless:

– Exhaustive screening: staff selection backed by knowledge test, search for potentially qualified candidates and capable of developing the necessary work for the business.
– Strategy, innovation, attention, communication, good management of the HR tools to stimulate and keep motivated the employees so that these acquire a vow with the business and get involved.
– Guide employees to believe and project themselves within the business, making them feel like they’re part of it.

There are some implicit goals below these guidelines such as: improve production, improve labor life quality and fulfillment of legal and internal rules of the business together with the satisfaction and the well-doing of the workers.

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