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Info overload: it’s driving me totally crazy!

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I’ve reached a stage where I gotta question some habits, new and in the rise, related to my everyday lifestyle. For example: I often question myself if you can consider “natural” a question which often pops out: which device I should pick and what I wanna do with it. Yeah, yeah… I know! You guys think that my self-management capability is on the declive: and back when the cell was only there to make calls a few years ago thigs were WAY easier! But if you stop to think about how those devices influence in our lives maybe you’ll reach the conclusion that you’re also suffering an undefinied dependence dose tied to those little electronic gizmos which surround us. Think about it: we gotta have something in common.

info overload

First goes the gradual return of the mood associated to a social uregency which, some years ago, a few years ago, most of us didn’t have. The chain of events is cruel: I lean one foot in the ground leaving behind the calm horizontal surface and my mind is suddenly bombarded by countless concepts such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter amongst others. That’s not all there’s to it: what’s really managed to worry me is that, apart from those tools integrated within society, my body’s asking for more, much more. More thrill! Fortunately enough, the tech development is endless and we’re taking the first steps in the “App Era”. The boom of Apps is that of an unbelieveable scale and has swept the ground with any feeble resistance standing on it. It’s rather worrysome when it coems to me because I get interested in unkown apps day after day and these have little to no reputation. I leave that last detail asides because it comes along with the circus Apps are: but I gotta be sharp to avoid going over the edge.

Friends, family o the typical contacts which you dunno where they’d come outta from seem to have struck a deal to bombard me with totally attractive new apps which promise to be cool and have me enjoy a never-before-experienced type of pleasure. This means that you gotta spend time to discover, ‘cell-navigate‘ and read tens of opinions regarding the usefuluness or not of this App. What a panorama! In the end, being insecure and thrilled, I start downloading. Once I’m there then I can find out what’s good and swallow up what’s bad.


I wanted to specifically talk about the Apps and their sweet-flavored promises: to be more precise, how to maximize the chances of striking it right when the most important decision comes: do I download it? There are a lot of theories about that but, leaving the obvious ones asides, like making some research about the App or a direct reccomendation from someone you can trust, there are two other options which I wholeheartedly recommend.

The first one is useful if you’ve got an adventurous spirit like the “Beijing Express” soap opera: you look for a topic which could interest you and after a impatient look-up you hit the download button to choose one of the suggested options: you leave the rest up to luck. It’s not a very logical method, but… Isn’t it smart from time to time to take a risk? In this case, the safety net is that if you don’t like the App then you simply delete it.

The second options is the one which surely has some hundreds of millions of fans, the famed RANKINGS. Who doesn’t trust a ranking which is set according to the App’s success? I largey think that’s a too much of an over-sighted method for dumb guys and so I study the rankings so that I can get all of the details. What’s fashinonable, what’s the rage, what shines with its own light on the Smartphone screen:I want it!. Now that I write thsi I feel somewhat cold and, like I said before, rather stupid.

Now that this is settled, I jump to the next question: if rankings have such a high luring power, what would an App developer do to place them in the TOP ranking? The ranking can be summed up as something silly like PRESENT AAARMS! That’s, precisely, the new epicenter of the marketing and mobility quake. The app development era came along with the ‘ Mobile Marketing‘ and, also a new generation of juicy info and opportunities to continue feeding some business, at the very least, 5.0.

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