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Let’s talk about contents

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The idea itself is SO simple that you might think it’s silly to begin with but it ain’t silly or stupid AT ALL. And, sometimes, blinded by tech, we forget the basic concept which attracts visitors to a site, hooks them in and turns them into clients, achieves backlinks (the links a site gets from others) and makes more effective (and easier) the SEO work.

They’re the contents. Good, varied, interesting and attractive. And all of them thought, organized and developed according to a strategy, to a plan. It looks easy but it isn’t and it’s a very suggestive challenge develop a custmoized collaboration for each client, searchign to fit them in the most effective manner the resources with the needs to gain the desired goals.

All spins (make sure to remember this) around a basic idea. Positioning the site of the blog, personal or corporate, in the center of the strategy. The client can freely develop his ideas on his own space without having to rely on third-party-rules. And from there he can capture, hook in and sell.

Based on that idea we create a wide diffusion network using the social network: its goal is to, by picking the most fitting channels, to achieve the public there and channel it towards the site.

Which are the client’s goals?

The creation and organization of contents is done next to the client, analyzing needs, resources and capabilities because the factors you gotta take into mind are varied. What’s their specialy and in which sector? What do they want to achieve? They have resources? If they have them, are they capable of generating their own content or needs external help? Do they accept the challenge of creating multimedia info? Do they know the duties and demands derived from a public exposition?

Clearing up these enigmas and helpind a business to develop its ideas is a complex but basic aspect. And, there, the formula to success is present. It’s a persistent trial & error work to find out if a business it’s capable of transmitting what it knows and if what it knows interests the visitor.

Let’s draw them in at the first try. We must take the 3-second-theory into account. These are what, in my opinion, a visitor takes to fix his attention in a message or jumping to the next one. In this hyper-info era and that of the extremely short and speedy messages, the page has to have hooking potential.

And if that doesn’t work then the strategy crumbles. The whole thing is part of a puzzle which needs all of its pieces. Given some needs and having a market you pick some words which define the project, product and public aimed at. The SEO specialists do their work positioning certain pages to get the public’s attention, which is looking for very specific products and services, but when you managed to have the business land into them, something which isn’t so easy, they must find a quick and efficient reply to what he’s looking for.

Balanced and easy messages

Via clear, well-written and of a reasonable length messages. Let them yield to more complex info if needed but they must fulfill their goals to start the conversion process in a positive manner. From time to time the client is capable of producing those messages. They must explain and they know how to do it. In other occassions they need external help or produces a mix of both situations with businesses which can generate info, which have an appealing basis, but which demand collaboration to polish their messages and choose how to make them become public. Each project is a world on itself because writing about some topics is easy and it ain’t easy about some other topics.

And the resources, inevitably enough, condition the whole strategy. It’s obvious that the most available media there are, the easier it is to achieve results, but not always. In times of crisis the imagination can provide miracles. And through some minimal effort, any organization can realize that it’s possible to optimize resources to generate interestign info and material and in any shape.

From text to video

Videos, obviously enough, is more attractive, and has an almost guaranteed click, but demands more effort and implication and not necessarily more money either. A fresh, natural and phone-recorded video can have more strength and acceptance than a more thorough, artificial and further expensive one. The corporate blog is a perfect element to achive visibility and vinculation with the client but also demands transparency and dedication which isn’t easy to assume. Or draw attention in through games, contests and elements which provide a challenge to the visitor beyond simple information. There are many choices.

It’s all part of that process which this post is about. We’re, in truth, always thinking about the same idea and with the same reasonings. To fully understand a project’s needs, fully know the product and what are the possible goals of an idea is basic to prepare a content plan. The word “possible” is important because it also reflects a basic principle which is to fully know the available resources, not only the economical ones, and not going beyond that. Going for shy steps at the start but making them be sure can help you achieve cautious goals in a rather easy manner.

Starting with a well-constructed site then you decide which social means adapt to the product and the business since it’s not the same to do it for a sports club than for an aluminium products’ maker. In the third place start the content diffusion by measuring its impact and efficacy. We Adrenalina have it very present in the mobile marketing campaigns, even at the time of developing mobile apps..

Grant value to info

And do it in a logical manner. We’ve explained the what and how but not the “when”. We don’t need to insist in that everyone is daily bombarded with a million pieces of different info.

It was already like that in the email age and the smartphones have multipled ‘till infinity the message shower which falls upon us day after day. That’s why the “tempo” is critical so that each sent message or each publication in a media brings value and it’s greeted as something interesting. It isn’t easy because you must keep a balance between prudence and the duty to tell messages anywhere so that they reach the audience.

The effort is worth it. And the visitor’s fidely combined with their buying intention will be the best reward ever to that work.

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