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Link-baiting in a link-building strategy

What’s Link-baiting?

Well, Link-baiting, is the effect produced when some content regardless of the fromat achieves a viral seffect when gaining inbound links or backlinks in a natural manner.

How do we achieve link-baiting effect?

Link baiting

There are many manners to acheive that but we always part from an important foundation: the content has to be of high quality. Seth Godin makes it clear on their marketing theories: in a saturated market like the actual one, only the extraordinary sticks out in a sufficient manner: it’s not enough to have excellent contents or products if we want to achieve all potential of the Link-bait effects then we must achieve something extraordinary.

This doesn’t happen just by copying contents from the best: it happens by doing it or reaching where others cannot or don’t succeed at, it happens by telling the trick/secret which we’ve so jealously kept and, when published by us or a by a third party, isn’t worth hiding anymore.

Logically there’s also a very important component which is to know to publish the info in the targeted moment, it’s not the same to publish before, during or right after a great online marketing event, a

Lógicamente también hay un componente muy importante de saber publicar la información en el momento indicado, no es lo mismo publicar antes, durante o justo después de un gran evento de marketing online, SEO guide, than publishing it by Easter or New Year’s. I’m listing some tips:

– Supply DLC under CC licenses.
– Reccomendations list
– Attacks to known persons (absolutely NOT reccomended)
– Humor stuff and yellow press.
– Dispatching press notes with Creative Commons licence.
– Generations of manuals, guides or articles in shape of tutorials. These are desired resources but you need a major capability to produce them than a joke post: their survival tends to be longer especially if updates are carried out.
– Creation of apps or free tools:
– Rankings (Top 10/20/100…):
– Interviewing relevant figures and characters in your sector.
– Use the sector’s typical humor to produce good results: were that to fail add a bit of black humor (careful there: you can’t make fun of abortion in pregnant women’s blogs).
– Contests, lottery. Give away something useful or desired will be viral especially if we tell them to further viralize to take part.
– Find news or scoops and if we can then we invent them ourselves:
– Use friends/contacts with blog, website, posts’ directory or whatever it is with the quality our buddy Penguin asks of us nowadays. No link-farms, blog nets with all domains in the same IP, all links with the same anchort or similar stuff. It’s possible that your buddies have other friends/contacts who can help. However, this strategy demands for you to have a lot of friends/contacts, having made a lot of favors and cooperate in several projects wth other businesses and freelance pros.
– Contact influencing bloggers and use their ego or beg a bit to gain a positive review whcih generates traffic, noise and links to our landing page.

2 Link baiting samples

Yoast and their Ultimate WordPress SEO guide


By now, all WordPress users have heard or read about Yoast. This is the clear example of what a good product can generate. Nevertheless, as if that wasn’t enough, they created a SEO guide for WordPress with a lot of detail which generated a huge ammount of incoming links in a totally natural manner (if you pay for things then they become easier to do): “The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites


Qubits, the new Google algorithm


A minor but very fun case was how we posted in our blog (back when the Innocents’ day) a post about Qubits, the new Google algorithm by Jorge González, our expert SEO consultor which create a lot of noise despite beign a total joke, mainly thanks to Twitter.

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