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Link-wheel: what’s a link-wheel about?

¿What is a link-wheel about?

A link-wheel is, in essence, something like a linking cobweb where we try to take profit of using different stires, web platforms 2.0, blogs, etc to, via back-links interlinking them, increasing the “Link Juice” which will reach a main site. Linkwheel is a technique used in a SEO strategy applied to linkbuilding to increase the ranking positions via the creation of link connections which, as we said, link from one page to another to end up pouring the whole of their strength in a said website.


This can be achieved ever since the web 2.0 boom: Google favorites some pages over others like Squidoo, tumblr, weebly, WordPress, Blogspot, papers’ sites, bookmarks, video site and others of different contents. They allow you to publish their own content on these sites and add links. Achieve and create links from these sites without a pattern Google can pick up can help you to push your site as long as you have a good SEO strategy regarding structure & contents.

Linkwheel mustn’t be used as part of a ploy to fool Google but to increase each post’s potential value with the following link inside of them so that the final site which receives the wheel’s power has more authority. To achieve this you need time and including a great variety of different links having different IPs, preferably of C Class, so that the gearing appeals as natural: like an engineering job.

Can a link-wheel be detected and penalized by Google?

The answer is YEAH. That’s why we previously said that it must be done not with the intention of fooling search engines but, rather, power up your site and your contents. If correctly implemented, they’re totally safe, but you must be careful when it comes to different IPs diversity, C-class IPs, different authority domains and antiquity: don’t use the same anchor text for all links!

According to Google and their official policy (different from reality) the pointing links can’t damange in any manner your rank in the search-engine, were that the case it’d be too easy to do the so-called
Negative SEO“, a word which has been highly debated ever since the tool disavow link of Google showed up. In the worst of cases Google will simply ignore the links.

Who has more isn’t the winner

Some time ago, when it came to link-building, the “more the better” tactic was employed but given the continuous algorithm changes by Google then it’s been changing to “quality over ammount”. If you’ve got ammount apart from quality then the better. There are sectors in which natural-formed links are hard to come up with so you gotta help push popularity.

You mustn’t use pre-established patterns and try to fool the search engine: it’s easy for Google to pick up patterns since the algorithm is designed to do that. Our strategy must be aimed to granting authority and trust to our contents and there’s the secret: that the contents be good, originals and quality stuff.

A linkwheel creation can’t be done in a rush: they’re strategies which take from 6 to 9 months and most commit the flaw of automating the processes. Be wary about automated spinning tools line Senuka, ormagicarticlewritter: they’re apps which automate processes like account creation, email checking,
on programas que automatizan los procesos como creación de cuentas, verificación de correos electrónicos, captcha-breakers & content input. Or the typical softwares for social bookmarks…

Be careful: you’ve got a lotta chances of being penalized.

A well-realized link-wheel strategy is a very powerful technique to increase your positioning.



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