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Mobile marketing: not all that glitters is gold

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We get new data with each day which talk about numbers and spectacular growths about ad investment in mobile devices so there’s some euphoria in the mobile ads results given the high click and conversion ratios which is gaining in front of traditional ads in sites.

However, some ads wonder if, in truth, the brilliant results of mobile ads are as good as they seem or they’re only related to the fact that, in most of the times, the clicks are accidental given the difficulty of correctly clicking in the small screens phones, the so-called…

“Fat fingers” effect

Mobile marketing - fat fingers effect

A study published by US ad agency Goldspot Media, specialized in mobile marketing, the 38% of all realized clicks in mobile devices over static banners and the 13% in rich media banners were done in an accidental manner.

This data says that the high rise in mobile apps developments and their great consumption creates grand opportunities for ads and mobile marketing: it would offer important biases which can reach up to a 40% number, given the small screen combination, movement and fat fingers which in a lot of occassions click on an ad in an involuntary manner.

To go into details: this agency study was based in the analysis of actions which have taken palce after clicking the add in both static banners and rich media banners of all economical sectors through their site.

An “accidental click” is the one done by an user which leaves the page after 2 seconds without doing anythign there. GoldSpot calculates that up to 4% of click through (CTR) in rich media banners, once eliminated the accidental clicks, it’s reduced to half and in the static banners the CTR goes down from 3,1% to 1,1% success rate. In any manner, the success percentages achieved with mobile ads keep on being superior to the ones generated by standard site ads.


What’s Google’s stand? The search engine is conscious of the impact the “fat fingers effect” has on the mobile add campaigns of its clients, both in economic terms and in the delivery of non-requested pages’ ads.

To make advertiser, editors and users content, Google is implementing in all of their banners the “click confimation” when it’s doen on the external pat of it, where the search engine detected that most accidental clicks happen, to prove that their action of requesting more info was in purpose.

This function got introduced some years ago in the text ads shown in phones where the user was obliged to confirm their click if not done over the blue arrow leading to the ad.

The initial tests by them confirm a slight drop in the final click through percentages while the users have had to confirm their click. The search engine says this: “This is only the start. Given how all devices keep on converging there’ll be new challenges in the fight against the “fat fingers” problem. But the confirmed “clicks” implementation is an important step”.

Google’s begun to get benefits from phone numbers embedeeded into ads.

These “click to call” ads are becoming popular and proving that traditional ad minitaurization is reaching its end.

mobile marketing


That doesn’t mean that it’s a successful ad method and a business which has the capability of creating publicity must occupy this media without planning or a concrete creative campaign.

We Adrenalina foment the mobile marketing strategies when they adapt to the business needs and goals sets for each project. We’re also experts in web positioning and responsive web design , which makes us be the ideal partnet to start up your Internet projects with success guarantees.

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