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Mobile SEO with Miguel Pascual | Clinic SEO – eShow bcn

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Miguel Pascual is the co-organizer of Clinic SEO and one of the greatest national-scale pros when it comes to SEO.

The first thing we gotta take into account is the mobile traffic percentage of our website.

Those numbes have been on the rise ever since Internet got into our phones so we’re facing the challenge to stand up and adapt ourselves to the mobile phone users.

The predictions for 2013 says that the phone-based visits will overcome those of PC and, by 2015, the
market quota will be over 60%.

Once we know that data then we gotta ask ourselves a question.

My site can be correctly seen through a mobile device?

Were the website not to be the responsive web design type then the success rates drop, the visits drop along with the visiting time and so do conversions.

How does this affect SEO?

Goggle is startign to show different results for sites adapted for mobile viewing and for those who aren’t.

Users search differntly on phones compared to PC

Thus we gotta adapt and a keyword research adapted for mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design Use

Using responsive web design sites is recommended by Goggle because it improves the user’s experience. If we have a special site for those types of devices we gotta make sure that the contents are the same which are shown on the main page: were that to be the cases we’d have to add a cannonical to the main page to avoid duplicated contents problems.

Suggested tools by Miguel which can read the looked up page’s head.

Webmaster tools to explore the website as Google Bot

APP vs Responsive

The great dilemma is the use of apps VS creating a responsive web design site: there are strong arguments in favor of responsive web design and strong arguments in favor of apps.

Google clearly reccomends the use of responsive web design because google doesn’t have access to the apps’ conents.

On the other side the use of apps allows you to reach the client more easily sicne the app can work in not-connected mode. has a app development team specialized in the mobile market and a team specialized in responsive web design.

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