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Move our Tumblr blog to WordPress

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One of the most importanttech enterprise sales of the latest years took place during this weekend. We’re used to seeing Google buy about 200 businesses a year, so Yahoo went to the end of buying the micro-blogging network Tumblr, which is (for those who don’t know it9 a mix between a blog and twitter. Yahoo paid the astronomic sum of 1.1 billion USD to acquire the NYC business owned by genius crack David Karp. Who expected Yahoo to comeback grand style? I didn’t. xD.

marisa mayer karf

As if oten happens in most cases, the great buying businesses wreck or close web services or bought sites to increase their market presence. It happened to
Sparrow, a email client which Google paid to close down so that we’d go back to using Gmail; or Picnik, an online photo editor similar to Picassa.

That’s why we want to explain how to move the contents in Tumblr to the contents manager WordPress, which we Adrenalina love, just in case Yahoo does what it’s best at: screwing it up.

Bye Tumblr. Hi World

1. First things first is to prepare our WordPress to be able to start working with its dashboard.

2. We head to Tools -> Import

import wordpress tumblr

and a list will show to ask from where  we want to import our posts.

wordpress importer

3. Then, given how our choic is Tumblr, we’ll choose that and a new window will open in which we can download the plugin which helps us realize the importing: Tumblr Importer

tumblr importer

plugin wordpress importer

We install it and activate it to start importing.

4. To realize it we need to gain 2 codes: the OAuth Consumer Key & the Secret Key, so we’ll create an App in Tumblr clicking in this URL

import tumblr

5. Click on “register app”.

6. Fill the fields:

  • Application name (appl’s name )
  • Application website (url of our wordpress blog, be it o
  • Default callback URL (same url as in Application website)
  • Administrative contact email (contact email)

Make sure to write the URLs correctly.

7. Once the form is filled and the app’s created, we’ll gain the OAuth Consumer Key & the Secret Key, now we gotta place them in the previously installed plugin in wordpress. The end step is clicking “conect to tumblr”

8. If all went well this message should show up:

tumblr a wordpressclick  en Authorize the application and a new tumblr tab will open to authorize the app, let’s click the green “allow” button.

9. Once allow we’ll get this laste screen. Click “Import this blog” and wait for the transfer to end.

tumblr post to wordpress


Depending of the published articles in Tumblr it’ll take more or less time to finish. Once it’s done we’ll have our posts in wordpress but also in tumblr. To avoid duplicate content we can eliminate the tumblr blog but if we don’t wanna scrap it then we can stop indexing the blog. There’s a choice in config named “allow the blog to be indexed by search engines” which we uncheck and we’ll avoid duplicating contents.

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