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Mozcation Barcelona

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Seomoz, the software business specialized in SEO Tools organized, back on October the 28th, 2011, the Mozcation Barcelona. Interdigital’s Kico and I, Jorge González, were lucky enough to take part in the Mozcation Barcelona not only as assistants but as event organizers.

Mozcation is a SEO Event created by Seomoz so as to interact with the SEO community: a good form to gain loyal customers, and expand their brand and products to potential new customers.

Seomoz has clearly staked for branding and their whole marketing is set to orbit around the band as Rand’s figure as their CEO. An intelligent example is the event’s creation and the manner of picking and dynamizing the Mozcation HQ location, where worlwide cities compete across them online through content dynamizing in the social brands, voting and supports in Facebook and Twitter. The 1st winner was Lima (Peru) and the 2nd was Barcelona thanks to the initiative of Gianluca Fiorelli, a sector buddy and where all Spanish community focused on earning the Mozcation.
Gianluca, once Barcelona was chosen, was who reccomended for Clinicseo to organize the Moscation from Barcelona.

Some images we sent to earn the Mozcation:

Roger Mozcation Barcelona Roger Mozcation Barcelona  Roger Mozcation Barcelona

Rand Fishkin CEO and co-founder of Seomoz is, for most, a business showman. But in my eyes he’s a nice fellow, a real genius of the masses, he radiates positive energy and an incredible empathy, a real leader which we had the honor of not just sharing the event itself but the previous days as Mozcation organizers. Rand and his wife came from Seomoz Geraldine (Italian ascendancy), a charming person with whom I had the pleasure to speak a lot with in Italian, English and Spanglish. I also met the Seomoz team member Joanna Lord a great pro with a lot of knowledges, cute, styled, sparkling eyes and with a unique attractive: her smile has a special magnetism, it attracts you, seduces you (like with all important sellers) and manages to make you feel important… (she told my English was good XD)

Mozcation Barcelona Mozcation BarcelonaMozcation Barcelona Mozcation Barcelona

The IDEC Pompeu Fabra University yielded the location thanks to the help and collaboration of Cristófol Rovira, director Master de Buscadores of the Pompeu University.The filling was spectacular taking into account it was done in a Friday: the buddies and assistants came from all over Spain.

Mozaction is a SEO event in which Seomoz takes part along with local speakers: the master of rites this time around was Miguel Pascual, a Clinicseo buddy and the speakers Rand Fishkin, Joanna Lord, Aleyda Solis y Gianluca Fiorelli, while I handled the organization and central control of the event.

Given how the event was of great relevance for the Spain SEO sector, the media made echo of the news which appeared there and there like the TV3 interview which we post below this, where they interviewed
Rand Fishkin, Jorge González & Miguel Pascual in the Mozcation Barcelona.


Gianluca is gettign ready so that in the 2013 edition, the chosen Mozcation city is Valencia. Adrenalina, our SEO agency will undoubtedly go: what about you guys?


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