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New image AdWords

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Well! Google AdWords has incorporated a new function for those we using Google advertising.. It’s the image extensions which we’ll be able to visualize in the sponsored ads of the SERPs. Something good for those who specialize in SEM and something bad for those specialized in SEO because it keeps on pushing down the organic results.

google adwords images

Every one of the extensions which the Google AdWords team showcased is sold off as very useful for users. That couldn’t be lower compared to the other and they about the great impact which images have in persons which search. The impact pact is true, but, in my opinion, it’s publicity which becomes more expensive that the classical sponsored ads , they sell better and they tax a lot.

They also grant lesser importance to organic results, encouraging for higher spending of money to strategies in AdWords which suppose a benefit for them. In short: they’re closing the faucet to SEOs with stuff like this, the Not Provided, the new image search interface, the manual penalties (the Quality Guidelines are SO annoying…)

According to Google, one in six look-ups brings about results with visual content and, until now, to be able to become one of the first, you had to work in the images and videos of your site or show up in the News block which shows up for some some look-ups related with very actual and dynamic contents. I think that these ads won’t show up in all searches but in the ones who ask for that like those of products and services. I don’t see any other sense the others might have.

serp google

News Block in SERP with a video from

You can start creating ads by joining the beta. However, by now, you can only do it on English on worldwide level. Remember that you must have access to the images you upload and they’ll be checked, so no kidding with porn and stuff like that akin to which they always pull on you.

We’ll see what happens…

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