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Online Reputation Management Plan

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Online Reputation Management Plan for Crisis Situation

social media crisis


To achieve success in our online business it’s essential to create a management plan in a detailed manner in our Social Media area.

Sometimes we can stumble upon a crisis situation in our social networks, a reputation crisis can be triggered by some external happening or internal error: the most important thing is that you’ve gotta be ready to act quickly and efficiently.

The strategy and its management will lead to either success or failure.

Any Digital Marketing Plan should have a section which details how to act in a crisis situation.

We’ll detail some guidelines to correct those situations:


Conflicts which can sprout a crisis in our social networks

social media crisis


Let’s do a list of the mistakes or dangers which can drive us into an uncomfortable situation which derives into a reputation crisis:

Beware of complains, negative comments, protests, unhappy fans… Even if they seem to be small failures, then they become a fearful crisis.

These negative feelings always have a source: it tends to be a mistake we do and we don’t try to heal like sending errors, defective products, bad customer support, product devolution rules, trouble in some contest or basis of its promotion…

If we pay attention to every little failure and try to offer a solution we’ll avoid reaching that situation: our best weapon here is prevention.

Prevention is achieved studying the details of our pre-selling and post-selling process.

We must realize what our brand is and what messages we wanna transmit to the potential clients. We must capture and ensure the loyalty of our clients, spoil them, hear to them, heal their problems, be their psychologists.

Worst case: having an unsatisfied client and that he proves it on our social networks.


Preventing a crisis situation in the social media area

1. Detecting critical areas and acting according to our already defined strategy.

2. Following of our potentially dangerous clients-users given their behavior and attitude. Like we follow fan users we must follow the users which, given their reasons, act negatively in our network, affecting the social reputation of our brand.

If we can detect this on time, this user may change his opinion and we’ll avoid a crisis.

3. Have a humble attitude and always open to listening, error detection and offer a solution without customizing.

4. Create a guidelines manual which sets the average social politic of the business.

5. Possession of public documents with use conditions and privacy politic which the users must know and accept to participate in our community.



Monitoring is a prevention method.

The Community is the village mayor, so they must listen to and monitor citizens’ opinions, what happens, and their doubts, problems or restlessness.

Try to avoid conflict and unhappy citizens.

They must react on time and they must monitor all which happens in a daily manner, so as to ID the crisis situation the sooner they can and avoid a major conflict.

Once the crisis has been detected, we’ll form a flux diagram which tells us how to act in any case.

Monitoring tools: Hootsuite

But! Were the delicate situation to sprout despite our efforts… Then we gotta act!


Previous phase to a crisis

2 conditions to fulfill when we’re before a potential danger.

1. When facing a complain derived from a fail or mistake in the selling process, it must be handled with empathy and humility ASAP.

2. Negative comments mustn’t be eliminated/erased save for insults or strong words.

The crisis came


-Review the critics and user type: what is the reach? What type of user is it? Troll? Unsatisfied client? Competency? Ex-employee? Do they act alone or in group? How does that affect my reputation?

-Action to carry out creating the strategy with the team’s departments: ComDir, Manager or CEO and Community.

-Were it be urgent and delicate we might need to look up the law.


Once we detect the crisis and we carry out the necessary actions, you must study the “why” this situation surged and improve strategies.

Prevention and improvement actions

-Carry out audits and quality controls of our business.

-Elaborate dynamic reports


-Unify replies

-Revise the communication strategy and ORM management plan

Remember this: client rules.

We gotta spoil them and take care of them as much as we can, control our products quality and serivces, hear the opinions of the users, be competitive and renovate.



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