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Online Reputation

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Online Reputation

Online Reputation is a rather unknown word for most of the business and pros. The management of this OR can be an important business way despite its complexity if you take into account that it forces upon some changes in behavior, working manner and business culture in the customers.

That’s why I think that the true challenge Adrenalina has is not just applying the technical knowledge to analyze and handle that reputation but achieve a trust bond with the clients which allows one to change habits and process, communication forms and personal behaviors.

Our work will be really effective if the customers realizes how OR can power up basic aspects of their business, like in start-ups needing money. The 1st challenge, then, is to convince the customer with strong arguments, contribute to their digital formation and then build or manage that reputation.

The process is integral and includes all departments and technical capabilities Adrenalina has.

 Arguments for OR management

  • Explanation of what it is and what it can do
  • Solving punctual problems
  • Strategy before crisis cases
  • Info about who attacks a business, how and when
  • Know what it is said and commented about pros or businesses
  • Detailed monitoring of the network presence
  • Personal and business branding, fundamental for a project’s reputation
  • Strategies against network attacks
  • Counter-striking plans to consolidate reputation
  • Knowledge of basic SEO and Negative SEO values
  • Knowledge of what Google likes and what not
  • Analysis regarding the received link type
  • Back-links abnormal growth
  • Product, brand or service positioning
  • Reputation before investors, especially in start-up.
  • Branding unification


After those elements to influence the customer we can divide the OR offer in 2 blocks:

 Creation & management

For businesses and pros which without any OR problems need presence and positioning


For businesses and pros which need to solve a problem in their online presence.

Creation & management

  • Object, metric and deadlines analysis
  • Diagnostic
  • Internal work load
  • Formation
  • Channel choosing
  • Management and monitoring


  • Problem analysis
  • Diagnostic
  • Short term solution suggestion. Goals and metric.
  • Medium and long term solution suggestion. Goals and metric.
  • Internal work load
  • Formation
  • Channel choosing
  • Management and monitoring


When faced with these needs, the suggestions by Adrenalina may include:

  • Integral strategy
  • Crises or problems diagnostic
  • Identifying the competency
  • Strength and weaknesses analysis
  • Creating a reputation plan including web architecture, social media, analytic and contents.
    • Unifying directive branding and brand profile
    • Formation to face crisis cases
    • Strategy and content writing
    • Strategy for start up in function of financing needs


 How do we work in Adrenalina

1. Info management

We can help pros and businesses to take care of and prevent problems in their OR with a good info management.

What channels are used daily to receive and distribute info? 

  • Press
  • Radio
  • Magazines
  • TV
  • Search Engines
  • Podcast
  • RSS
  • Web
  • Blogs
  • Social Networks

How much time do they spend gathering info?

What programs do they use to gather info?

Can we help you organize that work to control your OR?


2. Contents. Associated writers.

Quality content creation is a key factor to achieve back-links, blog comments, forums and traditional media and mentions in social networks.

The lack of those contents or of an efficient strategy to create them or share them can limit the efficacy of the SEO on page actions.

Most businesses and pros crash in front of that need. They don’t know how to write, they can’t generate interesting contents and, most of the times, they can’t even ID their strong points to turn them into info and gain relevance for their site and social channels.

Adrenalina offers, as an important part of the OR plan, a writer service, associates which generate the contents. Teams at the service of one or several projects which, given their experience, are capable of understanding the product and needs of a client and quickly offer that materiel. This idea goes beyond the cooperation with a solo blogger to form mini writings with experience reporters who can quickly create content.

Given any project’s needs you can organize those small teams to create contents shaped according to different characteristics:

  • Documentaries
  • Interviews
  • Corporate blogs
  • Posts
  • Videos
  • Info-graphics
  • Presentations
  • E-books
  • Digital magazines
  • Podcast
  • Newsletters
  • Online Press Room

And create realistic specific contents plans shaped for each client’s wishes and/or project. It’s important to tell apart a corporate blog, which doesn’t just help to the reputation and positioning. It also achieves a narrow relationship with clients which improves conversion.

With all of that we’ll achieve, in different means, the elements which will optimize SEO and consolidate the reputation.

    • +1
    • likes
    • retweets
    • suscriptions
    • links
    • shares
    • commentaries
    • mentions


3. Crises cases management

The OR management of a business also involves a previous knowledge that you can provoke a crisis situation and manners of facing it once it’s been sprouted. We can contribute to the client knowledge about what factors can provoke a crisis and how to face it when this is produced. And also help in the strategy and protocols to be used when the business faces that kind of situation.

Crisis origin

  • Product of service: in-business origin
  • Offline communication, press, radio or TV news/li>
  • Online communication, given an action in networks, forums or Web

Its traits

  • It has instant spread
  • No geographic limits
  • Multi-directional with all kind of emitters
  • Public: anyone can see it.
  • Leaves a print in opinion and reputation

What to do when it’s begun

  • Admit the error if there’s such and the complain is derived from that
  • Be honest and fast when replying
  • Sweat to fix it and report back
  • Listen the reaction of affected persons and monitor
  • Create, if needed, special channels to handle complains
  • Have a crisis protocol ready

What you mustn’t do

  • Rushed replies
  • Hide factors
  • Make rushes steps with the directives without thinking it twice
  • Get into a discussion and insult the clients

Not managing OR crisis

4. Personal & business branding

The reputation of a project or a business always goes through the reputation of those who manage it. Thus, and within the branding unifying process which provides the business with a coherent and solid image on the net, it’ll be important to build digital IDs in the convenient channels. Starting with basic questions, elaborate personal brands which have force and achieve positioning. We can walk along the client when it comes to creating questions, searching replies and create an action plan.

First step in personal branding building

  • What do they say ‘bout me?
  • Do I show up on search engines?
  • If it’s the case: they correctly report my situation and pro capabilities?
  • It’s the type of info I desire?
  • Have I purposely or not contributed to shaping that info?

Once we’ve got that info let’s do an auto-exam to define strong points

  • What am I?
  • What do I do?
  • What would I like to do?
  • What are my capabilities?
  • In which sector do they have value?
  • How do I define myself?
  • What I contribute to the business’ project?

And, from the replies, an action plan

  • What my branding plan?
  • How will I be noticed?
  • Do I want to write?
  • In what media?
  • Who’s my audience?


5. Client formation

It’s must-have that clients receive a minimal digital formation so that they better understand all suggested about online reputation we offer in Adrenalina.

A correct understanding of the problems and their possible solutions will contribute to that info management. Starting with current network status, personal branding, crisis cases, content plan, info management, contents writing, etc.


6. Social channels management

Once we define the social channels in which the client will work on their online reputation, it’s necessary a cooperation period until they can handle those. The Community Management job must be internal, handled by well-formed staff, be transversely positioned, and be in contact with various departments.

The process takes about 1 year and during that time the Adrenalina assessment, starting with the choosing, creation and starting up of channels becomes a strategic assessment while the client can handle their channels and messages.

A successful suggestion implies that the client has clearly understood the deadlines in which they’ll get the control of their communication in social media and the most appropriate manner to achieve satisfying results.

Highlighted messages

  • We we know the legal implication of our Internet activities?
  • Better to prevent than to heal.
  • What do they say about me?
  • Directives’ branding is fundamental for the brand reputation’s.
  • Monitoring = prevention
  • Business must be transparent, believable and consistent.
  • The network manager is the first customer service point a business has.
  • Do we value the community manager? Do we support them?
  • Do we use clients to influence others?
  • OR demands a cultural change in organizations.
  • Do we know who handles our domain?
  • What business hosts the site?
  • Who’s got the Linkedin business profile password?
  • How can we retrieve domains and profiles in the networks?


We Adrenalina want to position as a lead agency in OR not only in Barcelona but at national level.

If you want to prevent or deal with an OR topic then contact us.


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