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Resources to create keyword research

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The first part of any SEO project is run a previous analysis of the web-site, a complete keyword research and a study of the competency.

This post’s goal is to help create a keyword research which can be useful to create a plan that will allow us to have guarantees when working on a project focused to achieve some goals oriented to web positioning.

Keyword Research Structure

Before starting to define keywords we must create a structure which is capable of encompassing all keywords in several categories. These categories don’t need to be a keyword which brings traffic to the site: it simply is an interal category which will be useful to create a easy-to-read report both for the client and for the project developers.

[alert style=”alert-info”]For example: for a site dealing with fish recipes we can put some generic keywords which encompass fish recipes, children’s fish recipes, cooking fish, etc. But we also can have keywords by type of fish like salt glit-head-bream, oven seabass, etc. Bream and seabass would be categories inside my category tree.

  • Generics
  • Bream
  • Seabass
  • Hake
  • etc.

Once we’ve organized the categories and subcategories we can start to search keywords of each category and subcategory.

Creation of a keyword report

To help out in the creation of a keyword report we can use this excel file which will generate a dynamic table according to the previously defined categories.

[btn url=”” style=”btn-success”]See excel sheet[/btn]

To use it you’ve got to create a copy of it in your Goggle Drive user.

There are 2 tabs there.

Keywords Tab

There are 11 columns in this sheet: the first 5 will allow us to generate a dynamic table to show the report’s data in a more clearly manner.

Keyword -> Enter the keyword
Category -> Keyword main cateogy (1 category per keyword)
Subcategory -> If we have it we add it here.
Subcategoria n3 -> If we have a Level 3 subcateogy we add it on this column.
Searches -> Total keyword searches.

Table Tab

We can find a dynamic table which is automatically generated with the data inserted through the keywords tab.

SEO tools for keyword research

We can use several tools to create a keyword research: some are free and some are payment, some payment versions include parts of the tools which can be used for free.

Google tools

Google Keyword tools

Allows us to know the number of searches a word has in Goggle, can filter by country, idiom and device type.

Google Trends

Shows us a graph with the evolution of the searches volume for a set keyword.

Can run comparisons between 3 words.

Google Suggest

The Google suggerences for a said word.

Tools for Long Tail

The long tail word are very specific words which will bring small traffic to the site but an elevated conversion rate. To find long-tail words we can use the following tools:


It’s a German tool that allows us to insert a keyword and will show us more words in which the introduced word shows up.


A pay-only tool which help us find long tail words for our site.


Another German tool which can help us find long tail words: the Spanish version doesn’t work so well but you can find some words nevertheless.

Detect competency key-words

To expand our keyword study we can detect the ones which our competency tackles: we can use some of the following tools.


We insert the competency’s URL and will produce a reprot with their keywords, search numbers and several graphs with organic traffic tendencies.
It’s a pay-only tool but one of the best.


Another pay-only tool which helps us study the competency and detect keywords which we’re working with and other which we could possibly use.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a tool which is installed on the PC and shows all titles, descriptions, h1 and h2 of the chosen site. Can be installed in Windows, Mac & Ubuntu.

More tools for keyword research

Merge Words

It’s one of my preffered tools to run keyword research: the tool merges all inserted keywords.
With the help of this tool we can detect the user’s searching manner, singular or puplar and which article is the most used for some search chains.

Keyword Checker

Majestic SEO tool which display info on a keyword

Keyword difficulty

SEOmoz tool which relates the difficulty to settle a key-word.

Grant more functions to keyword research

Thanks to these tools we can create a keyword research that will help us establish some goals for the project.

If we use the excelt sheet in Goggle Drive and inside of keyword research we add the columns which are more useful for our project and we can realize a tracking of how the project works at SEO level.

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