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SEO Consulting #Clinic SEO – 12 tips to improve site SEO

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The April the 30th edition of Clinic SEO was a SEO consulting session where the 4 speakers and event organizers, Víctor Hernández, Jorge González, Arturo Marimón & Miguel Pascual analyzed some sites and commented upon the mistakes detected in the pages whcih the visitors of the event forwarded.

¿What’s SEO Consulting?

SEO Consulting is a studio where a site’s flaws are analyzed and told to the client in the form of advice to improve the site and reach some goals.

What does SEO Consulting include?

You see various parts of a site, structure, contents, popularity, WPO, aspects to improve the conversion rate(CRO), if there are ongoing penalties, competency analysis, etc.

Hire SEO consulting

If you believe that your site isn’t working as you expected at the star you can contact Adrenalina and we’ll carry out a complete SEO consulting to find out what are your sites’ lacking spots.

Some of the most important tips which the speakers commented were as follows:


Víctor Hernandez’s SEO advice

Victor Hernandez (@victorHdez) is a SEO consultor in Friendly Rentals. He analyzed the site, a magazine about business management.

  • Check penalty dates with Google Analytics, the goal to check is to find out if there are traffic drops on the dates in which the algorithm got updated. Using Panguin tool you can compare the algorithm updates with the Google Analytics visits.
  • Be careful when using tags and categories.. Tags and categories can generate duplicated content which can be harmful for the site.
  • Header structure, The of <h1> <h2> y <h3> is important because it gives a structure to content and contributes to the semantic correlation of contents.

Arturo Marimón SEO Advice

Arturo Marimón (@arturomarimon) works in seocom and consulted, a perfume e-commerce, and, another e-commerce of suits and clothes to dress up in an ellegant manner.

Some of his best advices were these:

  • Take care of contents because they’re an important part of the site and Google rewards them more and more. Hi-quality contents allow you to create natural link-building campaigns.
  • Use the hreflang tag, the tag can signal other versions of the contents in other idioms.
  • Don’t position offering services you don’t supply, if you do that then the refusal rate will increase and it will bring trouble to the site.

Miguel Pascual’s SEO advice

Miguel Pascual (@kicoes) is the CEO of and realized the SEO consulting for sites, a sushi delivery site, and, a site of second-handed IKEA furniture selling.

Here are some of his advices:

  • Use of mobile

    It’s growing with every pasing day: we must have a site which adapts to all kinds of screens and devices.

  • Generate content with quality for each category and product.
  • Don’t use Flash, Google can’t read flash, so don’t use it.
  • Beware of non-catalogued products don’t push them, they need a special treatment depending on if they have traffic or not.

Jorge González SEO Advice

Jorge González (@kokebcn) is Adrenalina’s Marketing Director & co-founder of Clínic SEO. Jorge checked out, a social networkign site for building materials,
&, an e-commerce for biker stuff.

His tips were these:

  • Reduced as much as you can URLs depth level. The more depth levels the harder it is for Google’s robot to track the site.
  • Don’t copy other sites’ contents, copying contents of other sites and insert them in another site is harmful for the copying site. You must have original and hi-quality contents.
  • Not all pages are important, you gotta decide which are more important and tell Google.

Here’s the event video:

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