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SEO Plus Branding. Yes We Can

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Must a company allocate a slice of their budget for SEO work? This is an usual question amongst businessmen and enterpreurs, especially amongst businessmen after the hatching of the battle over search engine rankings. If you don’t know it yet, the answer’s obvious: SEO is a necessary tool in a highly competitive world but there’s life beyond positioning especially for those who search for it.




I’d like to bring up another aspect related to SEO and the virtues of which aren’t noticed by others: it’s worth it being spoken about and recognized by someone. That something’s name is BRANDING.


Branding can be defned as the brand creation process. A brand having “branding” is reinforced or helps shape a new image, philosophy or perception. It’s a new brand, the brandign will create and power up their ID. Branding’s open to varied aspects like associated values to a brand as a specific life-style, a way to feel, live or think. The brandign brings ID, personality and muscle to the brand. For the time being, branding, like other things, lives in a world parallel to SEO but the bond amongst them is slowly tightened.


SEO allows a business to gain face and eye on the Internet. Be or not be in the first 10 Google results, for example, is the difference between existing and subsist. Using SEO a business increases theri traffic and increases their billing, but… Why aim just for the rank? If carefully looked at, SEO offers great chances.

An example, a lead positioning must also value the direct support which it brings to the branding strategy. Nowadays it’s not necessary to bet in the usual means and only at the reach of the big ones like TV or printed press. The game’s rules have changed and not others can build their ID: the modest guys come into the picture, get their chance and the better they pick their cards, the better result they’ll have.


SEO + Branding

SEO + Branding

Being well positioned means that your business’ door is open to anyone interested in your offers. Thus, any business can use branding to achieve their goals. Let’s not forget that the SEO opens doors, but behind that doors there are other factors to work on. A new user isn’t a sale: it’s but a sales chance. Taking or not taking it depends on what the user find beyond the open door.

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