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SEO Social Media Tools: monitoring, stadistics, etc…

Social Media Tools

Monitoring our Social Media strategy is vital to control our social marketing campaigns. We’re going to show you several Social Media tools which will be very helpful to manage, analyze and promote different social accounts.

This online tool’s main goal is to increase your presence, visibility and influence in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. THrough Toolows you can, for example, automatically follow the Twitter users who start to subscribe to us or, through its measurements tool, search users which keep conversations about topics you’re interested into. The good part of this tool is that we can configure a lot of parameters: we won’t follow anyone in an automated manner if they don’t match your specified criteria, thus avoiding low-quality “followers”. This tool’s goal is to potentiate a business’ branding in social networking.



Addictomatic, one of the best social media tools which reports in live all info which may show up in social networking given a set keyword or brand. It’s a perfect app to be up-to-date with the Internet’s hottest topics. When we’ve searched what we were looking for, it’s possible to further customize results, adding or removing social networking sites.

These are some social networking sitres it can monitor:

  • Twitter
  • Google Blog Search, Google News
  • Youtube
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Delicious
  • Digg


Social Media Tool Booshaka

Booshaka is a social media tool perfect to better know our Facebook fan community. It brings the necessary data to ID and recognize our best followers and be able to prize them. Once installed it’ll create a Top Fans page and, when the users contribute with something, they will gain further points, encouraging them to participate amongst them. The trial version (only for a short time) can be tried out first. The payment version has different prices, depending on the users we’ve got in the community, beign able to reach up to 250$/month if you have over 75.000 fans.





An interesting program for Twitter, with it we can find users based on the key word we’re interested into, and, next, it’ll show us the most influencing ones, being able to know if we’re following them, where they come from or their names. We can also classify and analyze the followers based on their location, gender, influence, tweet numbers and more active “tweeting” hours, a fact which can be interesting. We can get all this info exported in Excel or CSV format.

SeoMoz has recently fused with FollowerMonk so if you’ve got a SeoMoz PRO account then you can easily link them together.

Social Media Tool Followerwonk











Through filtertweeps we can easily filter the users by keyword, country, followers’ numbers or subscribed profiles, even with a specific rate. Using advanced look-up we can know, for example, which tweeters have more followers in Spain, which post more tweets, which have got a verified account or not, with avatar or without it, even if they’ve got an URL on their profile. We’re talking about one of the best look-up tools of Twitter users.

Social Media Tools: FilterTweeps


Do youw want to know in live what’s happened in a specific region of the world? With this online app you can know it in a very intuitive manner because simply browsing through the map will allow you to see the most popular hashtags in each territory.

Besides, below this one, we’ll find that momentary topics are the most important globally and in each city or country, in a simpler and more complete manner than Twitter itself.

Social Media Tools Trendsmap


This tool will let you manage and monitor your presence in the social networking sites. The trial version allows you to manage 7 accounts, be them linkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, offering graphic visualizing to know where your fans come from, mention analysis, visit numbers and message programming in the 3 accounts.

Social Media Tool: viralheat





Onlywire can publish contents in different social networks. This tool is differentiated from similar ones like given the geat ammount of social networking sites where we can send our contents, being careful, natural and supplying value to the users, because if we abuse of it Google can penalize us. It’s a pay tool but it’s got a trial version which expires once you’ve sent 300 dispatches to different profiles.



Ifttt stands for “If this then that” . It’s a very clear manner of defining these tools’ functions which allows interaction with the different Internet services. IFFT is designed so that even a newbie can systematize different recipes, like:

  • If I’m tagged in a Facebook photo then store it on Dropbox.
  • If you send a mail with a link then store it on Dropbox.
  • Dispatch and SMS when I get an email labelled “important”.
  • If there’s a new free book in Amazon’s Top 100 note it down in Evernote.

There are so many possible combinations that it becomes hard to think of all them, so the site has a community where these receipes thought by the users are discussed. IFTTT can make oure life easier in many aspects.

Social Media Tools: ifttt channelsifttt recipes



Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is a following & automated promotion sotware for Twitter. It searches and follows automatically Twitter accounts to gain followers via a set keyword, follower numbers, country, bio, etc.
It also allows us to automatize tweet, follow users subscribed to our competency to make them become our followers too. You can use proxies to set an IP address por each Twitter account.
It’s not a very reccomended tool to practice branding; if we’re not natural enough and we get users in a massive manner then Twitter will ban the acccounts.
It’s got a trail version which expires once you get 250 followers.

tweet adder

Tube Toolbox

It’s a program to automatize search, user and channels following in Youtube. It can find users by nation, age, sex or keyword or know which have commented in a video related with your theme. Once you find them we can send subscribing invitation for your channel or automatically comment in other videos. It’s obvious that this program is not favored by Youtube and if it’s not used ethically they can close the account or the channel. Its major function is, then, help us to segment and find users of our theme. There’s a trial version which expires one week later.

Social Media Tool - tube toolbox


I hope these tools are useful to you and make you be more productive: but be carefulwith these last ones: they can be hazardous if misused. If you want to find out more then go ahead and contact us: we’re a Barcelona SEO Agency which also specializes in SMO and SEM.

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