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SEO Strategy

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¿What’s the ideal SEO Strategy?

¿How do you do a proper SEO Strategy?

SEO Strategy - Web Analysis

Some believe that realizing a good SEO strategy is to achieve thousands of links or to dynamize contents in social networking sites

A good SEO strategy must be based in aspects such as:

  1. Market Study

    One of the first action we must do is know which keywords are being used by users to find sites and which are the sources. To make this analysis be effective we must study and note down the number of users in the daily, weekly and monthly traffic stats.

  2. Benchmarkt & Competency Analysis

    There are various types of adversaries and we must ID who is the real competency. A direct adversary is not the one who is in the first positions given their keywords or phrases we must use, but those which are offering to the user or consumer a similar product or service without caring for the price or what techniques they have to use.
    Once we have that analysis we’ll carry out a SWOT analysis (strenghts and weaknesses) of the product or service regarding quality, service, price, etc

    When it comes to web positioning, there are several businesses which only focus on see who is on the top slots and settling that they are the competency: this becomes their only actual data. But, in truth, they are but the stires which stop our site to be on the 1st slot because of their keywords choice.

    Once we have the right information, we’ll study what techniques and current practices we use, comparing them with their competency to ID, understand and adapt the most effect practices used by their competency.

  3. Strategy and definition of goals

    A SEO’s strategy goal shouldn’t be just showing up in the first slots: a good SEO must work with their client in defining goals.

    Once we have all info and found out why their site isn’t ranking in the first slots, doesn’t have the adequate traffic or why it isn’t converting, it’s the moment to define the goals or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and how we track them. And that’s where Google’s splendid web analytics tool comes in.

    The KIPs which our Online Marketing Agency are the rest:

    • Nameless organic brand traffic
    • Traffic by brand name
    • Indexed URL number
    • Bouncing rate per keyword
    • Conversion by organic keyword
    • Conversion by brand
    • Average visits per keyword
    • Traffic hairbringers keywords density
    • Leds generated in formularies
    • Number of pages which receive traffic
    • Number of impressions and look-ups
    • Position and ranking of keywords
    • Number of links and previous link-building strategy.
    • Authority, antiquity and PR of the domains
    • Conversion time
    • Number of forced conversions


    Controlling these parameters helps to the client by allowing them to see the done management and the work’s effectiveness

  4. Activation and results’ revision

    It’s the moment in which we implement all actions and we decide the process to achieve each goal.
    It’s very important to know that the actions aren’t static, and that SEO mainly is a dynamic work which demands a continuous process of analysis and adjustments. That’s one of the mistakes which isn’t just done by Online Marketing Agencies but in the clients which only needs those services at the start of a project or during a limited time. The companies which get positive results are those which implement continuous strategies. The users, the adversaries and even the Google algorithm are constantly changing and it’s necessary to monitor the movements to adapt to those changes and act according to them.

    If you’ve got some comment, then go and share this. And if you need a SEO strategy, then contact us.

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