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SEO tools for mac

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Use of Macbook has experienced an ‘in crescendo’ status durign the last few years. The Mac SEO tools requests have gone up as well.

More amd more people are leaving Windows behind to start using the powerful and ellegant Apple Macbooks.
Implement SEO using a Macbookis hard because there aren’t
too many tools which can be installed in a Macbook without needing Wine, Parallels or VirtualBox.

In most of the times there’s no other choice that to use Windows to work with some SEO tools. That type of tools are hard to find because there are few designed to work in a Mac computer.

This post’s goal is to list 10 SEO tools for Macbook.

  • Advance Web Ranking

    Advance Web Ranking capture

    One of the most famous SEO tools because itcan generate keyword ranking reportsin a very easy manner. Despite that the best way to generate these reports is carrying out the manual search in Google, it nevertheless is one of the best tools to generate ranking tools having a large keyword list.

    It’s a pay-only tool but it’s got a 30-day trial version and you can get it from the official site

  • SEO Power Suite

    SEO Power Suite is 4-tool SEO pack which include several functions.

    Rank Tracker

    it can monitor a site’s keywords in different search engines. It’s not better than Advance Web Ranking but the free version has more stuff.

    WebSite Auditor

    Very similar to Screaming Frog but less complete. The main advantage is that WebSite Auditor can crawl across the whole site and Screaming Frog sans license only tracks 500 urls.

    SEO Spy Glass

    Investigates thein-links of your competency and picks hi-quality pals.


    Shows the in-links of a site.. I don’t like this gizmo all too much: I’d rather use and online tool like Ahrefs, SearchMetrics or Open Site Explorer.

    To download the full suite of tools you can go to the SEO power Suite site

  • Screaming frog

    screaming Frog captureScreaming Frog is a crawler which searches a whole site from start to end: it’s useful to generate SEO on Page reports.

    You can detect titles and duplicated descriptions, see the header tags structure, detected duplicated contents problems, etc.

    The free version shows up to 500 results and the license one searches the whole site. You must be careful if you try to search a big site because you can collapse the MAC’s RAM or the site’s server, since the number of requests sent to the server is very high.

    You can download Screaming Frog in the site, it’s available for Mac, Windows & Linux

  • Keyword Researcher

    The name says it all: ithelps to create keyword research using Google suggest, youtube, bing & amazon.

    capture Keyword Researcher toolCan create high automated combinations of keywords and shows lists of related keywords.

    It works in various idioms, English & Spanish are included and it also uses the Suggest: it’s a rather complete tool.

    It’s very useful when it comes to post-writing since it tells us the words related to a site’s content or post.

    It’s a pay-only tool but there’s a free version with some limitations.

    Can be downloaded and bought in the keywordresearcher.orgsite.

  • ScrapeBlogs

    It’s the Mac version fo ScrapeBox, a very complete tool because it has many uses

    You can create keywords reports in a quick and simple manner: you can also do other stuff like knowing a site’s real Page rank,links landing in our site, knowing the competency’s links and much more.

    It’s a pay-only tool and very hard to crack: it doesn’t have a trial version but it’s worth the buy.

  • Automator

    logo automator

    My Number One tool: very powerful anddefault-installed in all macbooks..

    Automator can generate a sequence of moves, both of mouse and keyboard, which will automatically reproduce x times or x minutes.

    I like to set it to work at night and weekends to let it work while I nap.

    To use it you gotta develop your imagination and come up with a possbily effective task automatizing.

  • Lynxlet

    lynxlet capture

    One of the most unknown tools but, for me, it’s one of the most useful.

    It’s aLynx browser emulator.Can navigate through any site in text mode as if it was a Linux console.

    One of its uses is to detect if a site’s linking is good or can be improve plus if we can easily browse with this browser then that means that things are working in a nice manner. If instead of that we find out that we’ve only got links in the menu that means that we gotta improve the site’s internal links.

    Text mode browsingis a way to see how Google interprets a site’s HTML code, each color was a meaning, so we can clearly see headers, links and marked texts.

    The tools works akin to a Mac terminal window: you can read the manual when you open it.

    You can download lynxlet from their site:

  • Evolus Pincel

    This tool was recommended to me by @polmtnez. It’s generally used to create mockups but can also create a site’s internal structure.

    Pencil is similar to Microst Office’s Visio: the advantage is that it’s free and is available for Mac.

    It’s very useful to hand to the programmed a .pdf document with the URLs structure to be used in a project.

    Since it’s so easy it creates schematics in quick and easy manner.

    It’s free and you can find it here:

  • Wunderlist

    I got told to check this tool bout by @jamescuesta.It can manage tasks and you can categorize them by project: it can have several users in the same project.

    It’s available for Mac, iPad, iPhone & Android devices.

    If you want to install this App in the Macbook you can get it from the app store.

  • There are the 10 most usedM Mac tools: if you know a tool which fits in this post then tell us about it in the comments space.

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