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Social Media to study target public

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Internet has given our users and potential buyers the powe to compare, restrict and segment at will. The consumption habits have changed too, the crisis has brought a drop in consumption very important and the previous season caprices are very well measured sacrifices.

But there’s no place for pessimistic behavior in the net if we wanna be competitive and open up market thanks to the new means and advantages the media has. Before we carry out a luring and communication scheme, be it SEO, Social Media or even PPC, first thing a business must ask is: how do I approach my potential clientes before they search what I sell?

The reply lies in becoming a referent in the matter, a guru to the public’s eyes, an expert on the topic and you don’t achieve that sans exceptional contents. But we gotta study our target public in detail, know what matters, and the real selling messages which make them reply, thus we ask these questions:

• Where’s my target public? Who are they?

• What interests them? How and where do they access?

• Where do they see the updates and info of the industry and how do I stand out there?

• How can I be told apart from others?

• How does my target public evalute problems and solutions of the market?

• What valueable suggere works better with my goal public, eve nin other markets?

• How have the current market leaders become “influencers”?

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All these replies can be replied with some searching and perseverance in Social Media, measuring from close by our own actions we’ll see what really creates engagement amongst the target public and what not.

An aspect which should stood out is that the actions in social network can have multiple goals, such as offer quality customer support, investigate objective public and their info consumption habits (as commented) or even creating contents for Branding or using it to benefit SEO, but 99% of agency clients want is RDI and sales. Nevertheless studying your target to offer them what they want is an indirect RDI form, improving sales or conversion rate in e-commerce, blog or platform where you can monitor the qualified traffic luring strategy.

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