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Teambox: the ultimate project and tasks management software

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With the boom of the social media tools, any startup, small/medium business or big company ends up thinking of, sooner or later, acquiring a tasks and projects management software. It works for both small teams and great companies which needs to structure their projects as tasks and tehir control to meet the deadlines and goals set by the organization.

Tasks and projects management software

Teambox is a secure project management system which allows for collaborations between teams simplifying communication in an environment directed at tasks. The communication inside of the tool is totally virtual and social, being done through the computer, mobile devices or tablets. Given how it’s easy to use makes it be like having Facebook to admin your projects in a social and collaborative manner, increasing productivity thanks to the disposal of tools for interal communication like Gmail.

Teambox has a powerful and friendly chat and task lists to structure all projects, along with conversation which you can turn into actions and, also, actions into deliverable things.The notes allow you to share doccumentation with your team as if it was a Wiki, generating a major inmersion of the whole team into the project. To carry an exhaustive control, Teambox has a time tracking system, allowing the management of the time alloted to each project and task. It also allows for the integration of files using Google Docs, Dropox… As if it was a shared folder.

Task management software

If you need a system to increase producity in an agile and safe environment while also having a centralized work flux to organize and better control projects then don’t doubt it: pick Teambok, the ultimate task management software.

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  • shane marsh

    Have you tried Proofhub? Another nice project management software. I have been been using it since 2 years and the way it collaborate and manage projects is why we love this tool. (

    • Jimmy

      Thanks for telling about such a nice tool. I have tried this tool and I love it.

  • JoshMeNow

    Even free Bitrix24 give you more than Teambox

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