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Let’s turn Android phones into Facebook phones

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Mark Zuckenberg made a presentation yesterday, in San Francisco, of the new Home apps brand for Android, which transforms Facebook into one of the phone’s points of entry.

The app Home , which will be available to download starting on April the 12th, is a visual layer built over the Google OS which shows the images and other contents of Facebook when the user turns on their smartphone without the need of accessing any app.

According to the Facebook founder, users spend three more times in the social network than in any other mobile app and spend 20% of smartphone use-time minutes to look it up.

For Zuckenber, the Google OS’s opening made possible that the functions that this customizing-like system of the phone’s interface and denied that it’s trying to downgrade Android through Home Facebook.

How does Home work like:

facebook mobile appFrom the start screen users will be able to reply to messages or sms of their friends, which show up with a round photo -chat head- vote and comment on friends’ apps.

A lower button with the user’s photo will bring you to a menu with 3 choices: direct acces to Messenger, direct access to bookmarked apps and to the latest used app.

The chat head will show up nevertheless of the app being used and, if you want to reply to them, the app will remain in the background to resume once conversation is over.

Facebook won’t build their own smartphone

Despite rumors filling specialized press, Facebook decided not to develop their own terminal.

Zuckerberg argued that, on the best of cases, their own terminal would be bought by 10 or 20 million persons and his goal is to make Facebook the “best experience” for a community of a billion users.

Facebook Home ScreenshotFacebook Home will be available to download starting on April the 12th in Google Play only in USA and only some for some high-class Android phones: HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2.

It’ll soon become compatible with HTC One and Galaxy 54 and will open to other nations. More models will be delivered in a progressive manner and will come into the Android tables in a few months’ time.

The first Home smartphones: 99,99 $

During the event the delegate HTC advisers and the AT&T company, Peter Chou & Ralph de la Vega, presented the 1st smartphone with built-in Home: HTC First, which will cost $99,99 in USA, where it’ll be available on April the 12th and will reach Europa in the next few months.

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