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Twitter as customer support service

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Their very first motto was “What are you doing now” and invited us to share personal experiences. Their spectacular success brought a change on tendency and goals reflected in one of the mottoes the company offers: “The simplest and quickest form to be close of what interests you”. And it’s very true since, for most us, Twitter has become a must-be information channel.

As all networks have done, they’ve evolved with the passage of time, and their great popularity has brought along the arrival of all kinds of business which has added to their capabilities an unexpected function: to become a magnificent customer support service.

It’s a basical aspect. And abandoned in an incomprehensible form during a lot of time with the setting of barriers which were seemingly impossible to overcome. The automated call centers are a perfect example of how technology erected obstacles between customers and businesses. The social network, on the contrary, allows for a correct tech use to link both parties and offer quick & efficient solutions when faced with the client’s needs no matter the sector they belong to.

Consumers have changed

The technological resouces, however, aren’t enough to help them out. You need to understand and accept new rules and new behaviors. Clients’ names and behaviors have changed. They’re prosumers because they ceased being “mere” consumers and turned into producers of info and opinion. In some manner, the game’s rules are set by them and demand new types of relations. They want quick, honest and customized replies.

Twitter customer support

Whoever understans thsoe changes can offer those replies and nowadays Twitter is a powerful tool to achieve that. It allows us to have immediate info, reply in an effective manner, custom the info, give name & image to who handles the client, guarantee solutions 24/7 with a very a reduced costs and, thanks to smart-phones and 3G carrier signal, never lose track of the conversation.

It’s critical because the request, the complain, the need of a reply or a solution is always urgent. It can’t wait and it’s mandatory to have a media to handle those needs.

All of it is thanks to the mass smart-phone success which have forever changed the way we live and interact with others. Until recently, Twitter was something reserved to very expert persons and technologically advanced, capable of easily swallowing words such as hashtag & retweet which were undecipherable for most of society. Most knew of its existance but didn’t know its workings. The smart-phones hadn’t become massive yet, invading our pockets and the use of the social network was limited to desktop computers.

The smart-phone, key component

This situation has been turned around. Almost nobody comes out of home without the phone. Together with the ID and the keys it’s part of a trio of must-have elements and it’s possible that, soon enough, the phone’s possibilities make credit cards and IDs be needless. We’ll soon see it happen.

Until a few years ago, ATMS were mysterious machine of undecipherable workings. Today even grannies can easily handle them. This happened because the use method was simplified and the popularity of apps: more and more persons dare to interact with anything. We carry Twitter on us and check at home while seeing the TV, in the public transportation, when having dinner and we can’t do it, for the time being, on the shower, but all will come to happen eventually.

Twitter customer support & social networks

We think that, when planning a succesful Social Media strategy, the customer support must be priority one. The presence in some networks, even if important, it’s not useful if it’s no accompanied of a clear idea of how to serve the client. And, contrary to what it may seem, Twitter is neither hard or demands extra effort in resources and staff. We know how to do it and you can find solutions and reasonable plus good-priced plans to turn the tweets into an excellent relation channel.

Twitter customer support: successful cases

There are a lot and good examples of the use of Twitter which can give us interestign hints, even examples within our Online Marketing Agency, specialized in the <mobile app development & link-building at international level. The Banc de Sabadell is one such example. From their Corporate Blog until their specific channel in Twitter they offer a hi-quality service.

The example to use in a public organism is Post which has also tackled this challenge, really surprising given how it’s hard to implement cutting-edge ideas into organizations this big.

Another sample is El Corte Inglés which created a specific channel a few weeks ago. And, lastly, a very interesting idea, the one which the USA Best Buy brand has started up via a specific channel named Twelpforce
which allows any of its thousands of employees across the nation can, via a common accesss system, provide their knowledge of each product to answer to any question from anywhere, anytime.

The possibilities are limitless: and the benefits in the relationship with clients are worth doing it.

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