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Video SEO – quality content for your site

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Did you that the e-commerce sites with product videos achieve as much as 3 times more sales than others? Or that Youtube is, by now, along with Google, the site which registers the major searches number in Spain? Or that a web-site with audio-visual content increases the average visitor permanence time?

Despite if you knew it that or not, it’s clear enough that audio-visual contents and, specially, the videos, are an execellent choice to exploit on sites, e-commerce or blogs, and also an additional element to take into mind for our on & off page SEO.

The online video sites with more look-ups

The online video sites with more look-ups

And that’s because video is one type of content which is growing at a faster speed in Internet. According to some recent studies, some 200 million American saw an average 15 hours of video in Internet last April. So it’s easy to draw an idea about the potential these contents have.

And, also, as said on this post’s start, the use of videos also strengthens the number of conversions of our online business.

Which are then, the factor which make a video contribute to web positioning & the conversion rate at the same time?

Videos are quality content

Our SEO specialists mainly focus on “exploiting” the Google algorithm, such as the over-optimization of the key-word density. The main problem is that these algorithms are constantly changing (Panda) with the before-thought intention of supplying the best results for the users’ look-ups, but, why go for needless deceit, there’s also an intention to mock those that, as we’ve said, exploit the Google algorithms to climb up the ranking.

Instead, on the othe hand, we’ve got those SEO experts which prefer to pour their energies into providing quality content and in a readable and semantic manner. The type of SEO which seeks to provide the Google users with real-value results and the search engine likes this A LOT.

All of thise can be accounted for in a simple manner: a video uploaded into Internet, seeing the progress in the consumption of thise type of contents, is tagged as “quality content” by search engines, and, so, has a lot of chances to achieve a good positioning in said search engines.

Videos provide more info about the product to the buyers

The videos about products in the e-commerce can give to the (possible) buyers a lot of info about them: not only what it “is” but also how it works, which sensations it transmits, etc…

It sounds pretty logical, but it’s no better than raw logic: a video can provide a lot of info on a product in a compact manner. Also, a video creates a trust link with the user; we trust more something when a blood n’ flesh guy is telling us about it and we first-handedly see how a product works instead of having to read some text.

Another basic element is to create a connexion at emotional level with said user besides creating a demand in the case the videos are cleverly done or become popular.

Which brings us to the next aspect:

Video create a link with the consumer

The marketing experts have been looking for a formula which would create a lasting and loyal relation with their clients for a long time. Before, you tried to achieve this through intense monitoring of the brand and via directly asking users with some frequency, something slightly bothersome.

In today’s age, where audio-visual ammounts to norm, this can be achieved in a way easier manner using videos which are entertaining or they hook you in (and, if possible, both of those) and the clients.

Like that we manager to get the user to feel an emotional link with a brand or distributor given how the contents they provide are very satisfying.

As an example we’ve got the brilliant “Will It Blend?” videos to show you how to create a link with the user:

Social Media makes video-share easy

Another reason why a video can notably contribute to increasing the number of clicks and conversions for our e-commerce it’s their easy-to-use nature. Embeeding things nowadays is very easy and media lika Facebook make these things spread all across the world at flash speed.

All seem to indicate, thus, that the video is a content which really has a positive effect on the conversions of our ecommerce plus being a safe value as content quality which is often searched through Google, makes it easier to show the quality of our product to the public and allows to create “engagement” with the consumers. All in one!

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