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Voice lookup and new possible lookup patterns

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The voice lookup is a lookup type which most SEOs don’t care about but it’s something which will eventually gain some relevance and might surprise several persons.

The mobile devices allow for voice interaction and the users are more incited to interact with them using the voice.

Another type of devices which allow one to do voice look-up are cars, Internet-connected cars may appeal as futuristic… But it’s not so much, a lot of cars have Internet connection and you don’t need an Audi A7 or a Series 5 BWM for the car to connect to Internert: there’s enough with a simple iPad or any smartphone.

The interaction with smartphones through voice commands is becoming more frequent and especially when we drive o we simply don’t wanna touch the screen.

Lookup patterns caused by voice lookup.

This type of lookups will generate new search patterns without any doubt.

Keyboard-made lookup is different from voice lookup, anyway.

Given the usual type of lookups which can be more usual I think that we must take special care, especially in local lookups and long tail lookups.

Local lookups through the use of voice

Carrying out a lookup from the car to look up a restaurant, gas station, shopping mall or any kind of service will soon become usual.

To be successful in this kind of lookups we must pay attention in all SEO actions we can apply to improve both geolocation of a business as well as in a site’s semantics to show up through related terms which can pop up in a voice lookup.

Possible increase of Long tail

It’s easier to speak than to write for some users and and people are people, not machines, so we’re not going to lookup in the same manner we did in a text lookup.

That means that generic keywords may lose lookup volume and yield to a type of longer lookups given the easiness of speaking VS the difficulty to write several persons have.

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