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WordPress’ 10th anniversary

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The evolution of this contents manager has left a deep imprint in the world of tools 2.0. A lot of sites were created with WordPress and it’d seem the trend will keep on the rise.

WordPress, the tool 2.0 which a lot of people use as ships logbook, has grown. Today’s the 10th anniversary since the publishing of this CMS’ code. On May the 27th, 2003, the free version of the to-be version 1.0 was released. It featured important new things, like compatibility with XHTML 1.1, a blogroll, new themes and a new control panel.

Wordpress 0.71 Wordpress 1.5

This tool’s evolution has been linked to Internet 2.0. A the start, WordPress was intended as a ship’s logbook. Today you can combine the function of creating a detailed site or continuing the initial idea of creating a diary. All of that plus the essential Internet 2.0 trait: share the info. Nowadays lotta programmers develop their sites using WordPress or Drupal.

Wordpress 2.3Wordpress 3.1

WordPress now has 2 versions., the server installation one and the one without installation. The installation one offers a lot of possibilities and is the most used to develop a site which needs some traits. The non-installation one is limited but can work to develop a personal site.

It’s become one of the best CSM in these 10 years with the help of large community of different developers from across the world. The publish tools is found in 18% of all sites, about 70 million sites.


Important facts derived from the evolution:

  • WordPress has been installed 66.130.651 times, there are 25.045 plugins which have been DLed 460.034.237 times. There are 202.959 HTML code lines & 71.203.704 themes.
  • About 15% of the sites are done with this tool and it’s on the rise.
  • Known business like Pepsi, CNN, Adobe, Volkswagen, BBC, Adidas, Nokia, ebay, Ford o The Wall Street Journal make use of it.

This is its growth:

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