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WordPress SEO Plugins – Customize your blog

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WordPress is one of the most famous and used contents managers in the net: its default options and plugins are very basic stuff but there’s a lot of plugins which will let us add a lot more functions. Today I’ll treat you guys to some wordpress SEO plugins :

WordPress SEO by Yoast

One of the best wordpress plugins to set up the main SEO aspects, it’s also useful to customize the publishing of posts, something which the “all in SEO” pack didn’t do. SEO Yoast allows you to do the following this:

  • Configure the title and the meta-description of the home-page, the pages, the categoresi, the pages or the tags.
  • Create a well-structured sitemap for your blog: you must turn it on the first time you use it so as to generate it.
  • Modify the permalinks to, say, eliminate the URL which the categories create(myrecipes.com/category/recipes-fish/
  • Configure the posts’ breadcrumbs.

Those of you who still have the “All in SEO” plugins pack and feel like checking Yoast out, there’s another section where you can import the “all in SEO” pack data.
Another of the interesting functions the WordPress SEO has is the revision of the characteristics to
write a decent SEO post..

  • Check out the target keyword density compared to the post’s whole contents.
  • Keyword in the title, URL or ALT of the image.
  • Keyword in the first pharagraph and other pieces of advice.
plugin seo wordpress yoast


All instructions are very didactic and show up in red, yellow or green colors depending on the improvements we gotta apply to our post. Once it’s been written then we press the CHECK button which shows up next to “Publish”. I’m warning you that some of them are very rigid and we won’t be able to fulfill them 100%, remember that our posts are aimed at humans and not machines. If you intend to use this plugin then I 100% reccomend that you check out Daniel Peris’ FAQ: how to configure WordPress SEO Yoast.

Relate Related Content

This plugin will add blog-related posts at the end of each post: it’s very useful to increase our site’s visited pages and improve the inner linking. The options tab allows you to configure the post numbers and the ressemblance degree you’re aiming at.

wordpress seo plugin related posts

Google XML Sitemaps de Arne Brachhold

One of the best wordpress plugins to generate site-.maps. If you don’t intend to use SEO WordPress by Yoast, then this is a very reccomendable tool, easy to use and configure.

Fuzzy SEO Boost

This Worpress SEO plugin will add the keywords which have allowed our visitors to reach the post below each post or in the side-bar, increasing its key-words density and improving the blog’s long-tail. Carefull configuring it will reduce the appearance of key-words and will allow to change the default warning “Nobody landed on this page from a search engine, yet!”. If a link leading to the creator’s web shows up and you wanna remove it, edit the plugins’ coding and take out the link.

SEO Friendly Images

You forgot to set up the ALT attributes in your photos? You checked a friend’s blog which had 500 posts and you’ve never inserted a damned ALT line of code? Cool it down, dude. This plugin will save you painstakingly slow work and will automatically set up your ALT coding: you can set up different patterns to avoid copying the title into there too.

WP Smush.it

Based on the Yahoo service with that, it’s an automated plugin which, when you upload a photo into the blog, wp smush.it will reduce the photo’s size to allow for a faster loading. When it comes to previously loaded photos, check your multimedia gallery and pick the “Smush.it now!” button set to the right. Once it’s processed the optimization % will show up along with the photo’s size reduction.

smush plugin wordpress

SEO Smart links

When it coems to inner link-building it’s important to set up links in our site to move
linkjuice towards the inner pages. That will achieve the moving of authority and increase
the pages which the users can check out. It’s cool when you’ve got 10 posts but trouble knocks at the door when our blog has over 100 posts: the linking job turns harder. The SEO Smart Links plugin will autmoize the keywords in the entries which interest us more and link to other entries, categories, pages or tags. The free version allows you to try out some exceptions or rules to avoid, say, a repeated key-word in the same posts sends you to more than one link or blocking certain posts or pages to avoid the inclusion of automated linking. Be careful with the setup and the blog you’re using: the plugin may escape your control even and create hundreds of links. I’d say you’d be better off by checking the
Victor Hernandez posts about the dangers you gotta be aware of.

Broken link Checker

As the name says, this SEO plugin checks all links in the blog , showing up the broken links or links to domains we linked at time ago and which have expired (to avoid any surprises 😉 ). You can also configure the warnings through the email to be up-to-date.

broken seo links

These last 2 plugins aren’t aimed at SEO but I think they’re very useful and I’ll chat about them.

Limit login attempts

This simple plugin will limit the logging attempts in your wordpress blog: were the password to be exposed, especially if you’re the typical guy who picks “admin” as user-name (you save the hackers half the trouble) and a simple password. The configure tab will allow you to alter the login attempts before blocking, the minutes the IP which failed to log will blocked or even block the IP during various hours they try and fail again. It’s obvious that if someone wants to hack your blog this plugin will be the least of their worries but at least it can serve as additional security.

limit login attempts seo

Social Media widget

In my opinion, this babe is the best plugin to integrate your social networks profiles into your blog. There are tens of them, be it the typical Twitter, Facebook, tumblr or Pinterest or not-so-famous-ones such as Steam, Last.fm and Goggle Talk. You’ll find the plugin in the widget section. You must only drag it into the side-bar, open it and configure it. If the profiles you want to include in the blog aren’t there, there’s a “custom service” section where you can customize those you want. You can also choose the links to be “no-follow” or change the style or size of the icons. I like this plugin because it’s neat and simple enough. It won’t inster advert links or links to tens of social networks if you don’t want to. Even if it isn’t a SEO plugin> it’s got some nice little details which are appreciated.

social media seo

As you all know, there thousands of additional plugins, I only displayed the ones I usually work with and which really work wll. If you use any other then comment it. I didn’t set the links to the plguins sites SEO in wordpress.org because it’s easier to downoload them from wordpress itself, with the exception of the Fuzzy SEO Boost: that guy’s an eyesore.

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