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Zaragoza Web Congress – Internet Forum

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 2013 Zaragoza Web Congress & Internet Forum

Internet forumStarting on June the 6th and spanning till June the 9th, Zaragoza will hold the Web Congress and the Internet Forum where can participate in a total of 15 events, over 200 hours of classroom training, 100 speakers and it’s estimated that there’ll be over 4.000 visitors: it undoubtedly is a good Networking opportunity and business for any Internet pro.

During the Internet Forum there’ll be the classical Web Congressof Zaragoza  @cwzgz (you can check out the hashtag #cw13) which gathers the best squad of pros working in Online Marketing: starting with Xavier Colomés’ CRO exposition (previous year’s one was trending topic, that’s my hint ;)), and continuing with Fernando Maciá, Arturo Marimon, Aleyda, Miguel López or Mr Muñoz among others which will allows us to get up-to-date with all SEO news which this year has brought to us and the ones to come.

If you want to sign up with a 10% discount you can access from the following link: and if you wanna see the schedule to decide when you want to go and what speaker hear to then here’s the link


Expositions by Adrenalina Team

2013 Zaragoza Web CongressJorge González, our SEO export consultant will expose about the importance of online reputation, how to prevent it and what do when you run into a Internet results crisis, some examples about what and what not to do.

He’ll focus his exposition in the strategies to prevent and start creating a brand reputation, both at personal level and business level, along with the strategies for crisis cases. He’ll also speak about the relevance of reputation when it comes to SEO, explaining how to monitor and control your brand, the theme of content de-positioning, how to deal with Trolls and possible penalties brought forth by negative SEO
(Google Penguin).

On the other side, Daniel Peris, our Mobile Adviser and Consultant in different projects of Adrenalina, will chat about Mobile Marketing y and the importance of measuring any action. In short:

– Apps market current status (Google play, app store, BB, Windows 8), apps numbers, growth, etc.
– Native Apps VS mobile web – ¿Why a native web?
– App typology. A game app isn’t the same that a content or business app is.
– Apps business models: Payment, Freemium, Free with Ads, etc.
– Measuring and Tracking (Mobile App Tracking, Flurry, eMMa, etc)
– Planning marketing and communication strategy for an app: ASO, Display, SEM, Social Media, Blogs, QR codes, etc
– ASO VS. SEO Tradicional.
Geenapp, the important of bloggers and influences.

We’ll also have a stand where you can visit us so that we can support your online project or have an impression exchange. Remember that Adrenlina is an Online Marketing Agency (mobile and web) specialized in SEO which will allow your project to overcome the set business goals.

During this last year we’ve improved in mobile and web development to offer services to those clients which wished the management of an integral project and not just an online marketing campaign. So you know now it: we’re ready to help you and generate value for your project.

Let’s not forget a detail which undoubtedly makes that the “best Internet Congress” held in Spain nowadays is worth going to: the Networking carried out there.

We’ve been going there for 3 years and we can’t begin to count the multiple contacts synergies which we’ve accounted ‘till today. We’ve collaborated with pros of other Spain regions and we’ve managed to gain new clients plus hiring specific pros’ services.

I want to congratulate the whole of the Web Congress team for their work done insofar and I hope this edition is a success as well.

See ya in Zaragoza!!

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